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Monday, November 3, 2008

Long Distance with Skype

My hubby has gone for a business trip to China last Saturday. He'll be home away from home for two weeks. Although hubby has left just a few days ago but the kiddos have been counting down the days like crazy until Daddy comes home. As usual, I've been preccupied with work, things on my own, with the kids and I am thankful to have my supportive family that helps out.

With today's fast paced high technology, the world has become easily connected with just a click of a mouse. Although we're physically separated, Skype is the system we used to chat when hubby is overseas. It's the the most popular VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service and the best part is it provides excellent sound quality unlike other VOIP services.

Skype is user friendly, supports webcam and allows you to call other Skype users from your computer for free. Ironically enough, it seems to be the saviour for the family. We've been using this service since 2004. In the past, it would not have been possible to keep in touch like we do today what with the rates of phone bills being so incredibly high.

So if you have friends, relatives in overseas or spouse who goes on frequent business trips, then download Skype. The best part is you can see, chat and stay connected with your loved ones for free.


  1. It's just amazing what technology can do nowadays! Distance is no longer an excuse not to keep in touch. I hope one day we have a technology that can beam us to places we want to go. No more need for cars and planes! Imagine how much time saved! No more traffic jams! Cleaner air too : )

  2. can call all over the world for free?

  3. but now their service quite slow..maybe to much user login. My company use skype for our weekly meeting and make conference call.sometimes got lagging..

  4. monica,
    yes. you can turn your computer into an internet phone and make free Skype-to-Skype calls to anywhere in the world.

    you can chat on skype with your mom in sabah too but you need a microphone with a good bandwidth.

  5. azlan,
    i think skype is more appropriate for home users. at times, i'd encounter sound distortions, which is very minimal. overall, i still prefer skype to yahoo WM.

  6. Sounds cool!!! Thanks for sharing & happy wednesday... ;-)

  7. My husband uses Skype in the office. I want to use this service for my family back home in the Philippines.

  8. monica,
    you're most welcome. have a nice day!

  9. ly,
    i hope you'll find this service useful.