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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My favourite Pastimes

When it comes to my favourite pastimes, I enjoy pursuing a whole bunch of things when my work is not killing me mentally and physically. Something that totally keep my mind off work and daily tasks and comforts me. Infact, I pamper myself whenever possible in total relaxation.

Listening to music is part of my daily routines. There are certain songs that moved me, touched me and inspired me. On the way to work each day, I'd turn on the radio and blast the music immensely. More often, music plays a vital role in my life and will always be.

Oh yeah, I love to eat! It is one of my greatest indulgence of all time! I've always keep this healthy concept in mind but when those hunger pangs strike, the temptation to buy or eat everything in sight can be very strong indeed. Sometimes, I'll spoil myself eating the delicious nasi kandar, an Indian Muslim dish consisting of rice, seafood and curry.

Ever since I ventured into blogging a few months ago, I blog-hopped quite often and have some favourite blogs that I'd normally visit. Some of them have top quality posts which are truly awe- inspiring, humourous posts that made me chuckle, controversial posts which are interesting that I like.

I adore the idea of a great vacation. There are plenty of amazing places that I've yet to explore. That said, it's definitely great to destress from the hectic lifestyle and the pressures that come with it. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing unfamiliar cultures and tasting exotic food.

Reading is my passion especially romance stories with lots of steamy sex agenda. :D (I'm just being blunt here) and I'm also into women's magazines but it’s not the priority on the list. Travel books have always fascinated me because travelling was a hobby for me since I was young. I find well-written stories of perfect getaways to be interesting, so much I feel like I'm on holiday there too.

Shop! Shop! Shop! The temptation of shopping for clothes is always there. I did a lot of that in the past because I thought looking good would enhanced my job and my relationship with the counterparts I worked with. But these days, I've to think twice and be more conservative in my spending. I still like to look good though so I only wear outfits that suits for me. It's also a matter of knowing my limits and weaknesses, so I don't dress to irritate.

Last but not least, a deep slumber will absolutely put a rest to all my worries, blues and sorrows. I simply enjoy how comfortable the bed is and just laying around in bed in air-cond comfort and not having to wake up has got to be one of my favourite activities of all time. Suffice to say, I can't resist my pillows now. :)


  1. oh those are all my favorite pastimes, too!!! :-D

  2. We have similar past-times!!

    I have been blogging for over 2 years and I'm still at it. :)

  3. monica,
    really?? i guess we have many things in common. hehe

    that's cool! a blogger like you rocks.

  4. For the past 3 months I was busy with my house renovation. Every where are dusty and unbearable. Now that the renovation is completed, I can start my favourite past time like cooking, gardening, music.......
    BTW thanks for dropping by my blog.
    You have a great day.

  5. My favourite past time is sleeping ... LOL! Well, I do love reading too though.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today :D

  6. molly,
    welcome to my blog.

    wow, giving your house a new facelift? that's cool!

  7. monica,
    thanks a lot, dear! i'll be joining you soon.

  8. nick,
    how fascinating! btw, welcome to my blog.