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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trendy and Fashionable Eyeglasses

I envy people who has perfect vision, you know the ones blessed with great eyesight without having to wear eyeglasses? Sigh......I'm one of those short-sighted individuals who need wearing eyeglasses regularly. Infact, I'm quite literally blind as a bat when I take them off. I have been four eyed since I was 12 years of age. I used to hate wearing glasses but I love them now. When I was in college, I wore contact lenses but unfortunately, my eyes developed an allergic reaction and couldn't wear them any longer. In a way, wearing eyeglasses changed my life completely for the better. Infact, my hubby thinks I look cool with glasses than without them.

With the amount of intense concentration on work and not to mention blogging furiously, it's not surprising that my eyesight will deteriorate further. hehe ....But thanks to the wonders of technology, I don't need to wear thick glasses with heavy frames anymore. With my high prescription, I need multi-coat with high-index lenses to make my glasses look and feel as thin as possible. If you're wearing glasses, surely you know how expensive high quality eyeframes and eyeglasses can be.

But incredibly, much has been said about the affordable, high quality online prescription eyeglasses offered by Zenni Optical. The feedback has been encouraging, so I clicked on their website out of curiosity. I was amazed by the stylish range that comes in various styles and funky colours. With the multiple selection of eye catching eyeglasses, you can get a pair of holiday frames with such amazing bargains. The pair of frames that I fell in love almost instantly is the stylish plastic full-rim frame with sparkling crystals.

So if you are looking for trendy and fashionable eye glasses this holiday season, go check the selections NOW!


  1. I am one of those with perfect vision, but strangely enough, I do like the idea of wearing glasses he he! :)

  2. I have been wearing glasses since I was 15. But somehow I am used to it now. It doesn't feel right without my glasses.

  3. yeah, some ppl look good with glasses !!! :-D

  4. mariuca,
    yup, even some rock stars wear eyeglasses now, making them trendy and hip.

  5. acura,
    yeah, me too. it seems like i can't set foot anywhere without my glasses.
    btw, thanks for dropping by.

  6. monica,
    yeah, my hubby prefers me wearing glasses.

  7. How funny! Some people love wearing glasses when they don't need to, and some people don't like to wear glasses when they have to!

    I have to say some people look good with glasses and some people don't! I just watched a HK TVB series recently (forgot the name of the show) and was surprised to see almost everyone in the cast wearing glasses, even those who don't normally wear them. I was thinking, hmmm, is wearing glasses trendy now? Or is the show sponsored by a company selling glasses?

    Well, if you are short sighted and don't like wearing glasses, there's such a thing as LASIK to cure your short sightedness! But be prepared to deal with any risk that follows as such operation is not 100% safe.

    But I think wearing glasses is not so bad, for one, it can protect your eyes, for another you can make fashion statements with all kinds of stylish frames! : )

  8. foong,
    it's amazing how technology changes so fast from prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and now the Lasik. i've heard a lot of positive feedbacks but the procedure can be costly. i've other prioritieslah, so i might as well stick with my glasses for the time being until someone sponsors me. hehe

  9. My degree is 640 and 800..even the high index glasses are thick! What's your degree?