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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Unspectacular Quirks

I've been tagged by Monica to reveal 4 unspectacular quirks about myself.

1) I tend to say what I think. I don't think I mean, just being blunt but some people take me a bit too seriously and I ended up offending people I barely knew. Come to think of it, I just regret blurting out the truth that might have been better left unsaid.

2) I drive barefoot all the time. As weird or illegal this may sound, feeling the accelerators can be extremely cool and thrilling. Being able to kick my high heels off and drive with bare feet provides ultimate comfort, allowing my feet to set free. I understand that the car mats collect dirt and debris but I don't want to experience black or dirty heels at the same time. LOL!

3) On very rare occasions, I spray a little perfume on my hair when it comes to no-time to wash days but it's only for emergencies though.

4) I'm a queen procrastinator. One of my quirky habits, that I 'm still trying to overcome. I understand that it's not practical in delaying things indefinitely and later............ seems to be forever to me. hehe

I'll not tag anyone. Nevertheless, anyone who's interested to do this tag are most welcomed. Happy Tagging Folks!


  1. Just chipping in. :D

    Hubby drives in his stockinged feet.

    I too would put perfume on my hair if I can't wash my hair that day. I don't like having to smell "smelly" head esp when in close quarters like in the elevator, so I don't want my hair/head smell bad too.

  2. Hi,
    I tried driving barefoot once just for fun, I couldn't concentrate, it tickles me..hehehe..

    I do pray perfume on my hair too especially going out on a date *wink..

    take care

  3. Interesting!

    I can't drive barefoot either :-D

  4. lina,
    i've trouble wearing any footwear while driving, let alone sockinged feet.hehe

    oh yes, i'm pretty mindful when it comes to smelly head too. :-D

  5. twinks,
    i've been driving barefoot for years. i've tried wearing shoes while driving but it seems that i can't concentrate. LOL!

    i guess i'm not alone when it comes to spraying perfume on hair. hehe

  6. monica,
    i drive barefoot, sweetie. i kicked off my shoes while driving. :D

  7. Sorry if I confused you with my comment..:-D
    twinks said she couldn't drive, I said I can't drive barefoot either..LOL!