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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Procrastination is the thief of time

There are a list of things that I want to accomplish but just haven't done so, no thanks to my sheer laziness attitude. More often, I have been waiting until way last moment to do all my tasks. It has become habitual indeed. I mean for no apparent reason I decide to hold off on doing things that should be completed. When I have a lot to get done, I tend to procrastinate to one degree or another.

After months and months and months of postponing, I finally get my car repainted after a minor wreck at my bumper which occured in March. Infact, the paint of my entire car has almost completely worn and faded. Some areas have started to peel off, especially on the top. I understand that repainting my car is going to burn a hole in my pocket dearly, literally but I've no better options. It has become such an eye sore for me.

It has been a hell of a stressful week and I think that my procrastination is not doing any good. At times, I would push back deadlines to turn in higher quality work too, something which is I'm not proud of.

Come to think of it, life is so much better when you can get things completed in an organised and timely manner. Things will be different then and life just kicks on smoothly! I hope my kids would not possess the procrastination gene. Looking back, when I think about the amount of time I have wasted in the past where I was the queen procrastinator, it makes me cringe!

In the meantime, I'm trying to overcome the habit and try not to allow this affliction to invade my time, so my kids would not follow my footsteps.


  1. Yes, procrastination IS the thief of time. Unfortunately most of us have him as a friend. Let's all together kick the devil out of our lives.

  2. I totally agree procrastination is the thief of time.
    Btw, left you an award at my blog. Pls collect it at my blog here

  3. *embarrass*
    I'm a procrastinator... actually I have taken on too much, wearing too many hats. That makes me too busy and couldn't finish my work on time. :)

  4. buzzing j,
    oh yes, it's something that most of us indulge in it with and without realising it.

    thanks a lot for the award. i'll try to post it later.

    we're in the same boat. i end up finishing things much later than i would usually do so, if i hadn't procrastinated.

  5. same here; I was/am a queen of procrastination! LOL!

  6. monica,
    i guess i'm not alone here. welcome to the procrastination club. hehe