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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Songs for You, Truths for Me - James Morrison

Love him or loathe him, James Morrison is arguably one of the polished singers/songwriters in the world. I recently discovered his great new track called 'If you don't wanna love me' and I've been listening to it relentlessly lately. It proves to be a romantic catchy tune with appealing lyrics.

If you don't wanna love me

With his husky set of vocals, soulful style and substantive lyrics, James Morrison has already captured the hearts of millions of adoring female fans. This type of music isn't usually my cup of tea, but after listening to this track many times, it really hit me last night. I enjoyed listening to a few great tunes from his new album 'Songs for You, Truths for Me' as well and his first album, 'Undiscovered' was pretty cool too. His blend of exquisite melody, truthful songwriting, and brilliant voice is refreshing and soothing to the ears. One of my favourites is his lovely rendition of 'You Make It Real' which makes it appealing to the listeners as well.

You Make it Real

So any fans of James Morrison here?


  1. Wahhhh! Good looking and nice songs!
    He got himself another fan, thanks to you. haha....

  2. monica,
    thanks for the tag.

    ECL, think he's good looking too? I'm merely one of his fans, not a James fanatic though.

  3. I don't normally listen to his songs but i think I like it. Actually, I seem to like any song after repeatedly listening to it. But if the song is not that nice, I will get bored with it pretty fast : )

    Btw, how come the first song's YouTube not a proper MTV video?

  4. foongpc,
    the mtv version is not available on you tube.