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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Unpleasant Episode

I had a tremendously bad time today. I overslept this morning. duh! As I was already running late, I hurriedly grasp my things and headed off to work. All hell broke loose when I discovered that I forgot to take my car keys with me. And they were just where I left them, inside my locked car. Argh!!! How could I be so possibly foolish and careless? My remote for the car is currently faulty, and replacing the batteries didn't work. Hubby has diabled the alarm so I have to lock the car with the key manually, or lock on the inside. Damn the whole thing. It seems like some bad luck must have befallen me.

I frowned in misery and gestured helplessly for a moment. Nothing like this had happened to me during my 15 years of driving. Not precisely like this. It must be some random thoughts running through my mind of late. I was trying to think about too many things at once.

Needless to say, it's such a hassle when it comes to circumstances like this. I glanced around to see if there are witnesses to my foolishness. I felt embarrassed but thankfully, I saw my colleague walking towards my direction. As he approached me, I told him that my car keys were locked inside the car. Without hesitation, he headed to our factory store room to get some tools. Apparently, all it took was a long piece of wire and formed a hook to do this challenge. I watched closely as he managed to slip a wire in between the door and window and unlock the door. He didn't get it unlocked the first attempt though. After a few attempts, he finally managed to hit the switch and unlock the door. YAY!

Upon leaving, I thanked my colleague for his help. Otherwise, I'll be stranded in misery, not knowing what to do. After today's unlucky day, I should get my spare keys to keep in my handbag just incase this ever happened again. That said, that's only a minor crisis in comparison to other major hiccups I've had experienced in my lifetime. We all make mistakes occasionally though. Moments we'd love to turn back the clock and do again, with much more skillful approach and a lot less stupidity.


  1. Yes, sometimes things like this happen. It's part of life. It sucks but then the good thing is, you have something to blog about, right? : )

  2. foong,
    there are times when problems do get out of hand. honestly, i wish that i don't have to blog something unpleasant like this. as my grammar is still wanting, it took me 3 hellish hours to write this post. hehehe

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your "An Unpleasant Episode"..Sometimes it's best to let it out and don't think so much k.. :-)

  4. I have such silly experiences too, like locking my room keys in my room, locking the toilet door from outside when there are no keys to open it, locking myself out of the house!

    It was frustrating at first but I looked so silly afterwards.

    eh... the door of your car so easy to open, you better be careful leh.

  5. monica,
    Well, suffice to say I was not in my right mind. despite the silliness, i didn't put much thought about it and wear my emotions on my face. :)

  6. ECL,
    when things do not go our way, naturally we get frustrated.

    perhaps, i should modify and upgrade my car doors ...hehehe

  7. We all have days like that, now I am old I tend to have many more problems with keys by putting them down and forgetting where LOL

    Thanks for the ad :)

  8. That was definitely not a good thing to have happen. We've all had something like this happen at some point in our life. While it's very irritating it's not the worse thing that can happen.

    I've had days like yours where I forget more than just my keys. Sometimes while driving I tend to forget where it is I'm suppose to be going and end up at a place where I never intended to be.

  9. Lucky your colleague didn't think of smashing the windows! haha...

  10. jackie,
    I seem to be forgetful especially when many things cramp into my mind.

  11. imitationangel,
    at times i want to punch myself directly in the eye for being such a forgetful person.

  12. ECL,
    it has crossed my mind about smashing the windows but of course it will be the last resort.