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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedding Dinner @ Bayview Hotel, Penang

Last night, I attended a sumptuous wedding dinner at Bayview Hotel, Penang. It was the wedding of my cousin sister, Shane and his Prince charming, Gen Ming. Many friends and family members who came from far and wide congratulated the newlyweds and wished them well.

It was an auspicious occasion with splendid entertainment and performances from the band. Apart from that, there was a slideshow of images projected on a big screen. The slideshow was generally about Shane and Gen Ming's individual lives from the time they were born, all throughout their blissful childhood, teenage years, college days to the moment they met and fell in love. Obviously, this is a beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending and yeah, I totally believe that love makes the world go round.

The wedding was a simple collection of words, filled with romantic music and singings. Other than that, the ballroom has a lovely ambience, the bride was stunningly beautiful, the groom was charming, the wedding dinner was delicious, the cake was awesome and most importantly, everyone had a fabulous moment.

The invited guests were treated to a typical chinese eight course dinner.

Four Silver Happiness Combination

Braised shark's fin soup with crabmeat and dried scallops

Braised chicken with "foo kwai" style

stir fried prawns with butter

Braised Lingzhi and Shitake Mushrooms with sea cucumber and broccoli

Steamed Snapper Fish with Thai Sauce

There were another 2 scrumptious delights which include.....Sang Min with prawnmeat and chicken meat and leng cheekang with gingko nuts which I didn't capture . That was because I was too busy catching up and retelling old stories with my relatives.

The traditonal 'yam seng'. Toasting or 'yam seng' is basically a courtesy of politeness, as each toast comes from the two families in honour to their guests for attending the banquet, and in return the guests will give a toast to the couple's happiness.

So here's a toast to the newly weds. Congratulations to Shane and Gen Ming! May your lives together will always be filled with laughter, friendship, love with many blessings and many years! May you both live happily ever after.


  1. Look at all that yummy food..:-) Congrats, Shane and Gen Ming!

  2. Congrats to your cousin Shane and her new spouse!

    You make me hungry with such yummy food in the morning! :)

  3. Congrats on the newlyweds! I'm not very fond of attending wedding dinners no matter how nice the food is. For one thing, they always start late!

  4. monica,
    i've three more functions to attend this month. pengsan!

  5. ECL,
    some wedding dinner meals are delicious but it took forever to serve. LOL!

  6. lina,
    yay! One more newly weds in this world.

  7. foongpc,
    attending a wedding dinner is to share in your buddy’s celebration,it's not about the food.

    yeah, it's a common practise for chinese wedding dinners to start late though. if you 're not fond of attending such functions, then jangan pergilah! it's always your choice.