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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tough Times Ahead

Things are looking gloomy for my company as it has been facing financial woes since last year. In view of the economic crisis and looming recession, it's hard to say whether my company would survive this critical factor. That said, many manufacturing sectors are affected and going downhill too.

Last week we were informed that there will be a staggering number of employees who will be likely to be laid off. I might be on the list. How utterly sad, it's unbelievable.

The way I look at it, the retrenchment might most likely hit the workers who have attained the age of 55 years and above or highly paid employees. There was a hue and cry at my workplace when my company announced this heart wrenching news. Everyone fears of losing their jobs if the country’s economy appears to be looking bleak.

Nevertheless, it's up to the company to decide whom they wish to retrench. Somehow, I don't have the courage to face the uncertainties ahead. I'm not sure if I can get another job if I were laid off but god willing, I hope that I'll survive this fall. At a time like this, I guess I must take a closer look at how I deal with my careless spending on items I don't need. Times have changed, no thanks to the economic downturn.

I guess life can't exactly be a bed of roses, things move on and nothing stays the same. So we'll see, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. I hope everything will work out fine!

  2. Hope everything will work out for you.

  3. Hi,
    That is a sad news. Life will be harder to those who really needs the job. You're one tough woman for sure you'll make it. I just hope that things will be better and will work out fine. Take care :]

  4. Hope you get to retain your job! Yes, must be careful with our spendings nowadays. There are uncertainties ahead.

  5. monica, lina,
    thanks! as for now, i only can pray to god to give me the courage strength to go through all odds.

  6. twinks,
    thanks for the words of encouragement. although i'm not an optimistic person, i'm doing my best in difficult circumstances.

  7. foongpc,
    thanks! i hope my prayers will be answered.

    the important rule as for now is spend wisely, buying only necessities to avoid generating waste.

  8. Oh no. bad news.

    There has been a start of retrenchment in Singapore this week. many people will lose their jobs and what with the economic crisis, it's going to be terrible.

    Tighten our belts.

  9. ECL,
    sadly, retrenchment is likely to multiply if the global economic crisis persists.

    hopefully i get to keep my job.