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Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Children's Day

Today marks a significant day for kids as Children's Day was celebrated at school this morning. Yup, it's the only day where kids could run around, laughing aloud, playing in class or simply having fun.

My daughter was feeling unwell but nothing could dampen her energy of attending school today. I guess it must be the darn Children's day spirit in the air. Infact, the school has a host of activities lined up specially for these children. When they came home, I was surprise to see their bags unveiled with amounts of biscuits received from school.

Looking back, I certainly missed the good old days where I celebrated with my primary classmates with full of enthusiasm and great joy. I remember vividly the excitement in the eyes of my friends and the great fulfillment that had brought us after watching teachers performing on stage. Besides, there were gifts and a wide range of food prepared by the school.

Listening to children and making their world a better place has been chosen as the theme of this year's International Children's Day.

Here's wishing all children out there,


  1. I'm sure your daughter enjoyed herself! Actually, when exactly is Children's Day?

  2. oh I didn't know today is Children's Day! LOL...I wish them a happy holiday on Children's Day!

  3. Our Children's Day is on the 1st of October.

    When I was young, I looked forward to the day very much. That's the time we get gifts and snacks from the school and teachers.

  4. It sounds like a day full of fun.

    I've never heard about it though.

  5. hahaha, I didn't know (or didn't remember?) about Children's day.

    Bet it was fun for your daughter.

  6. foongpc,
    International children's day falls on the oct 1st every year.

    thanks! the kids are still in the upbeat mood.

  7. ECL,
    i had a wonderful childhood which i missed dearly.

  8. laane, lina,
    children's day is widely celebrated across the world. it's a blessing being a kid.

  9. Children's Day... Ah~ How I miss those days... Why can't they celebrate Children's Day in Secondary school? >.>

    But some kind-hearted teachers will give us presents though... XD

  10. musaio,
    i missed those wonderful memories in my good old days. it has never been a practice celebrating children's day in secondary school though. how awful isn't it?
    my form school teachers were not generous enough to give us anything.

  11. I know, I have come to accept that.

    But I don't think it's fair that Primary school kids celebrate "Youth Day" when they're nowhere near Youth.

  12. musaio,
    youth day is celebrated by all young people but somehow, we don't celebrate this occasion in school here.