Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, Malaysia

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hobbies for kids

School exams have finally ended. With the long school holidays coming up next month, it's definitely a great time for children to destress, relax and recharge from stressful times. I believe most moms are so looking forward to the school holidays as well so that they can get enough beauty sleep and not having to wake up so early to attend to school run each day.

I need to start planning some activities to keep my kiddos preoccupied. Otherwise, I have more squabbling, disagreements and bickering to listen to at home. Children need pastimes to explore new exposures and to grow as individuals.

I always encouraged my kiddos to partake in any opportunities that they find to be delightful, exciting and beneficial at the same time. Nevertheless, I'm in the midst of searching suitable activities for them. I believe hobbies are educational tools and it will benefit them in many ways.

I notice my kiddos can be so addictive to online games or Playstation 2 that when I approach them to help me with the house chore, they would give me 101 excuses and vanished from thin air. Looks like the internet access has become the most important tools for children these days. At times I wonder if the virtual world would affect my kiddos' social development.

I'll be taking a couple of days of work and take of to Kuala Lumpur for my sister's wedding in December with the kiddos. Wedding aside, we needed to do something fun with the kids during the school holidays, and I haven't been out that way for quite some time due to our work commitments.

How wonderful if we can go somewhere far, far away and stay in luxury hotels like the ones in Las Vegas? Let's get real here, I know I can never afford that luxury, so dream on Life Ramblings!


  1. Likewise my son, when he starts to play online games or his Nintendo, it is hard to ask him to do anything!

    Planning for a trip during the school holiday can be an expensive affair too!

  2. hmmm...there's plenty of places to go and things to abt a family beach holiday? ;-)

  3. lina,
    i thought of planning for a local trip only. when times are hard, an overseas trip is definitely out of the question. besides, there are many places to explore within the peninsular.:)

  4. monica,
    yeah, we've always enjoyed the cool sea breeze.

    after looking at your nice pics in pulau langkawi, i might consider going there too.

  5. Yes nowadays kids just want to keep playing those online games. It's very addictive. A holiday in Malaysia is a good idea. There's so many nice places - maybe Langkawi (honestly speaking, I was itching to go too after seeing Monica's photos)or Redang? Or go Thailand - it's not too expensive and it's really nice.

  6. foongpc,
    i'll be attending my sister's upcoming wedding which will be held in kl in dec. thereafter, i might drop by malacca for sightseeing.

    so after viewing monica's pics, you are itching to visit langkaawi too? when will it be?

  7. I don't give my son access to the computer at home. he didn't grow up dependant on virtual games. :)

    I wish I have the time to go for a holiday ... even to KL. :)

  8. ECL,
    take a break to relax, and recharge. there r many cool places to unwind in kl. the power is always in your hands.