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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wardrobe update

Reading is my passion and joy. I enjoy reading particularly women magazines and one of my favourites is Women's Weekly. I find this magazine pretty impressive because of the simplicity and the ease of finding exactly what you need.

The layout of the magazine is itself very organised, with clear-cut columns offering interesting information on parenting tips, celebrity gossips, beauty bulletin, real-life stories and on top of all, fashion wonders which is my favourite topic.

Fashion and looking good go hand in hand. I'm a sucker for clothes. I simply love viewing new styles and the latest trends. I'm not personally obsessed over fashion but liked to look good though. It definitely helps to build my confidence and boost my self-esteem.

Come to think of it, I think I need to update my pathetic wardrobe. Pretty much of my old clothes are still lying in my closet for years. LOL! Seriously, my old clothes don't fit me anymore, so I might as well just donate all of them. I know it's easier said than done!

Regardless, I just can't bring myself to part with my old clothes because most of them have immense sentimental values to me. Sentiment is one thing but keeping all of them is simply not practical owing mainly to the lack of space in my house. ......... Until I think of a brilliant solution, my old clothes stay at the moment.


  1. my wife also like reading Woman's Weekly...every month she will buy the magazine.. :)

  2. azlan,
    yeah, it seems like every women's favourite mag.