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Monday, September 22, 2008

My son is allergic to EverythinG

My son, who is 8 years of age, has been suffering from nose sensitivities since toddler. When he has a runny nose, he will develop a chest cough with thick phlegm that lasts for as long as a month. Thank goodness, he doesn't wheeze during bed time.

According to the doctor, my son was diagnosed as having a sensitive nasal airway and the doc has identified a few possible allergies. My son is highly allergy to dust mites and certain food that could cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, he has to observe hygiene practises particularly in bedroom. Not to mention, he needs to be cautious of his food intake as well.

I have tried to avoid offending foods in his diets but he kicks up a fuss whenever I forbid him to eat his favourite food.

At times I'm not sure why, despite the precautions to keep my son warm at night, he would still wake up sneezing in the morning. He was prescribed a nasal spray to fix his sensitive nose and some medication. For now, my son's flu symptoms seem to have improved and I hope they will gradually subside.

My son's medication


  1. Hi!

    It's not about keeping warm in the night, but to keep the dust away from him.
    So the more blankets and such you give him, the more problems he experiences.

    He's 8 so he understands the effects of food.
    He can experience it himself.

    When all the other allergic foods are from his diet, he'll improve.

    Then remove hos favorite. He'll improve more.
    When it's reintroduced he'll feel worse.

    In this case you're thr grown up and you have to make decisions that influence his health.
    Allergies can get worse over the years.
    What do you want: giving him a thorough explanation and ignore a few tantrums, or having him feel rotten and cloudy in his mind, so hefeels worse and does less at school.

  2. thanks for your feedback. i've been changing his pillow case and bed sheets frequently to get rid of the nasty dust mite. on the other hand, these attacks can be influenced by outdoor environments.

    at this stage, i'm working closely with my son to be diciplined in food choices and eating habits. even if i omit his favourites, at times, he can’t control his cravings particularly when we are eating out. at times, he's trying and he has some "hard to resist" moments but feeling, knowing and seeing his health improvement that has progressed so far, he won't be tempted to go back.

  3. Instead of avoiding the source of dust, i think is time for your son to growth more stronger, maybe need to take some healthy supplementary food, like propolis? My nephew is having less nose sensitive after taking propolis.

    See more detail on propolis here

  4. chin weng,
    thanks for the recommendation.
    my son is currently taking some organic supplements.

    oh yes, my son has tried the propolis product but unfortunately, it doesn't works really well for him.