Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, Malaysia

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An easy, convenient morning treat

With so much to juggle on a daily basis, I normally consume a mug of organic oatmilk to start my day. This grain is nutritious and rich in fibre that contains all the natural ingredients. As a working mom, I ensure my kids get sufficient milk no matter how busy I am. Coupled with its light and creamy taste, even I can't resist it.

As much as eating out is convenient and tantalising, most of the days I try to pack breakfast to work. I enjoy savouring the tuna sandwich that I make. It's easy to prepare and my kids love it too.

I'm pretty conscious about my food intake and I stay away from oily food, fats as much as possible as it makes you more prone to acne and health risk factors. It can get hectic while travelling so I admit I do indulge myself with food I shouldn't be eating once in a while.

But generally, I make an effort to eat healthily and drink enough water. I'm a firm believer that it's only when you are in the pink of health, that you can enjoy life to the fullest.


  1. one more ingredient which is missing - exercise

  2. johnny ong,
    yup, precisely. exercising regularly is equally important to attain healthy body.