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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You have Long Eye lashes?

It's an undeniable fact that every women's desire to have alluring eye lashes. I've always envy women with gorgeous long, fuller eye lashes. You know, women blessed with attractive lashes, 'that's oh so lovely'? As they say, your eyes are the window to your soul.

It goes without saying that long eye lashes makes women look more feminine, appealing and sexy. Although false eyelashes are available almost everywhere, I don't favour the idea of wearing them as it looks fake and unnatural. Obviously, nobody likes short sparse lashes, although some may console themselves that they may look just as attractive as they can always use make-up and mascaras to enhance their assets.

I've heard many eye lashes enhancer available in the market but I don't have the courage to experiment the products as it could be detrimental to my own natural lashes. Although I love long lashes but I don't see the need to go to such extremes. I just don't want to be ended up in messy consequences. So looks like I might as well heap on the mascara then.


  1. Mine aren't long, but thankfully they aren't really short either. My daughter on the other hand is going to be a "man-killer" with her eyes when she gets older. I'm not exactly sure where she got them, but she has eyelashes that go for miles. I noticed them the day she was born and we've gotten comments about them ever since.

  2. luz,
    that's great. beautiful eyelashes are symbolic of femininity and beauty.

  3. heheh.. i dont desire a woman.. i mean, am happy of what i have, plus it doesnt make much of a difference if i have it.

  4. mine is neither long nor short but it does not curl is downward direction but eyelashes is the last of my more concern of my figure..hehe

  5. i actually never knew that so many desires thislong lashes? Hmmmm... interesting,.

  6. tnx for d comment in my entrecard widget is in d left sidebar. see u again.

  7. rogue,
    I guess different women have different needs in life, right?

    personal satisfaction is one of the factors.

  8. marlyms,
    i'm not sure whether it's just a coincidence but i still can't find your EC widget.

  9. I always wondered why people go to the extreme of perming and extending their lashes..I guess women do it to look more attractive. But on the other hand, men don't notice lashes or nails, I figure I'll just keep mine as they are..although it would be nice to have gorgeous, long lashes!

    Great blog, by the way. Will be back for more!

  10. tini k,
    like long, healthy hair, i want the same for my eye lashes. it makes me look more attractive and i want to look good as i can at all times.