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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

The Kek lok Si Temple a.k.a. as the Temple of Supreme Bliss is one of Penang's icons. It stands majestically on a hilltop in the heart of Ayer Itam, Penang and this spot is a must visit location for tourists. The entire area was busy enough to keep your eyes rolling around it and capturing detail shots of the scenic views. The climb to the temple was not particularly strenuous, so everyone made it to the top. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the souvenir shops leading up to the temple which offered good bargains. Those stalls sold an extensive range of almost everything, from Buddha statues to wall paintings, mugs to key chains, T-shirts to jewelleries and much more.

The best moment to visit Kek Lok Si Temple is during the Chinese New Year, where you will see lots of thousands of colourful lanterns lighting up the surroundings at night.

The entire place comes alive with a stunning display of colourful lights, dynamic colours and wondrous beauty

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda

This is one of the several large hall for assembly and prayer, where deities of various statues are being venerated.
Golden Buddha smiling for peace

The gigantic bronze statue of Goddess of Mercy or fondly named as Kuan Yin is undergoing restoration. It was anticipated that the RM40mil project is scheduled to be completed by the middle of the year. This is truly impressive and I bet it will look even more stunning when the statue is completed.


  1. Wow, the Temple is indeed colorful.

  2. Nice shots you have ... i been there once last year to take the night shots during CNY... :)

  3. splendid sights of the temple indeed. still not too late to wish you GONG XI FA CAI :)

  4. Nice photos of the temple. I've been there once but not during CNY. Were there a lot of people? I'm afraid not enough parking spaces. You mean you can walk up to the temple - I didn't even know you can do that!

    The last time, they were starting to build the protective cover for the giant Kuan Yin statue. Not completed yet? 40mil - that's a lot of money!

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  6. lina,
    you will get lots of nice photos visiting the temple at nite.

  7. tz,
    It was really refreshing to go through again and seeing things with new eyes.

  8. ai ling,
    the decorations around the temple was awesome.

    gong xi fa cai!

  9. foong,
    the human and car traffic seemed endless esp during CNY. the cars were jamming every nook and corner of the place. i'd suggest you to park your car at foothill and walk up to the temple, save alot of time.

  10. hi hong peng,
    yup, the temple is fascinating indeed.

  11. It look so beautiful at night. All the lights are just wonderful.


  12. It looks so beautiful lighted up in the night.

    I have been there in the day.

  13. The Kek Lok Si Temple so so so nice with those lights.

  14. I must congratulate you for the best blog on Kek Lok Si I've seen to date. I particularly like your shots of the lanterns and also the shot of the temple complex. They look so surreal.

    I really would like to add your blog to my webpage on Kek Lok Si at

    if it is ok with you. Will credit you appropriately for your article if you are ok to it.

    Thanks and Kong Xi Fa Chai!
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  15. That is amazing. I would love see your country. I hope when my kids are bigger I can go on a vacation to Asia. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. kriscell,
    It was the most beautiful night with all the thousands of lights that surround the Temple area.

  17. ECL,
    I never knew the place could be so spectacularly beautiful with the lights up at nite.

  18. hi keeyit,
    it was a great night and worth a visit.

  19. the malaysian explorer,
    hi! welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliments.

    permission granted if you link me accordingly.

    happy chinese new year!

  20. Julia,
    sounds cool. there are so many great places to explore in malaysia. You can find great places to dine, drink, dance and shop in cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang. You can explore cultural attractions as well as historic landmarks. i hope you'll come here someday. :)

  21. The temple really looks great (never been there before) but did I see Christmas trees in the compound? Lol.

    PS: First-timer here but seen you many times. Pleased to meet you :D

  22. Hiya JL,
    you're very observant. hehe

    nice to see you here too. thanks for dropping by.

  23. Great photos which remind me that it's been a couple of years since I was in Penang for Chinese New Year! :)

  24. thank you YTSL,
    there are lots of rapid changes in the temple. it's like now you don't see it but now you do.:)