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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayers for my GRANNY

My beloved, precious granny holds a special place in my heart for some reasons. She's humble, down to earth sort of woman who cares about everyone around her. She is undeniably getting older which is 90+ and she became progressively too weak recently. As it turned out, my aunt couldn't take care of her and was forced to place her into a wonderful residential care home in Penang where some other folks live. Furthermore, my aunt was working and there was nobody to look after her. It hurts to live so far from her, how I wish I got to visit her more often.

The first few days were extremely discomforting for my granny. When we visited her a fortnight ago, she was a bit restless, threw up a few times in the afternoon. All food served was strictly vegetarian, so no meat of any kind, which was not too pleasing to her taste buds. To make matters worse, she was incredibly weak, she couldn't walk and barely eat anything for fear of throwing up. She's one of the strongest women I know, so to see or hear her in such a manner makes my heart sink.

When we visited her last week, we saw some positive signs. Hooray! She's feeling so much better and walking around the residential home as if she owns it. Looks like she has adjusted remarkably fine and actually seems to like the place. She cannot walk swiftly though, so she has to walk with a walker with some assistance. She has regained the weight she lost which is a good thing indeed. That's what you get from a healthy vegetarian diet I guess.

Sigh! Now looking at these, I just can't imagine myself living in an extreme old age. That said, I think 70+ would be an ideal age for me, but do you have the right to say goodbye to the world? Regardless, death does not discriminate between young or old. People of all ages die.

Suffice to say, thanks for reading and please keep my granny in your prayers that she will regain some strength and uplift her spirits in good time.


  1. 90+ and still able to enjoy life is certainly a blessed life. But more so because she has grand daughter and family members who still care for her.

    My best wishes for her.

  2. My prayers for your Granny's health. I's good to hear that she's gaining weight and be in good health. :-)

    My gran is almost 90 but unlike your Granny, she is bedridden now. :-(

  3. I will pray for your Granny to have good health and happiness always! But at 90+, she's very fortunate cos most people at that age will be having all kinds of sickness.

    For me, I don't really know if I want to live that long! : )

  4. hi buzzing j,
    it's a blessing she's gotten this far. thanks for your wonderful comment and well wishes.

  5. thank you lina for your prayers. i'm sorry to hear abt your granny. it must be heart wrenching for your family to see her in this manner. i'll keep your granny in my prayers.

  6. sorry that she had to be sent to the home, but it's also good to know she is now enjoying herself! you're one loving grandchild she must have. :)

  7. thank you foong. It's a blessing indeed if u can still hold on surviving into relatively old age.

  8. hi levian,
    1st of all, welcome to my blog.

    a nursing home was really the only alternative when my gran needed some daily care. In a way, it's a tremendous relief to us that we don't have to worry about falling and other unforeseen circumstances.

  9. I'm happy to hear that your granny is improving some. It is so hard to see our loved ones grow older and weaker. I will keep her in my prayers.



  10. Hi LR! Big Hugs for u and ur grandma! Amazing isn't it to be able to live up to 90! I hope all will turn out well for ur granny and good to know ut took the time to visit here recently. :):):)

  11. it's true, with the hectic life everyone is having right now, it's difficult to watch over her 24/7. for her to have lived to age of 90 n still be running around enjoying is truly a blessing. :)

  12. thanks for your concern, Jane. everyone is afraid of growing old, weak n dying. Even a full and good life has to come to an end some time.

  13. hi mariuca,
    thank you for your kind words and concern. god willing, i believe everything will turn out fine.

  14. hi levian,
    life moves on, nothing stays the same. She was able to live independently well requiring assisted living only in about the past 2 yrs of her life until present.