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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music Monday - I Do (Cherish You)

With Valentine's Day fast approaching and romance fills the air, I guess most couples are pretty much in a lovey dovey mood. It goes without saying that all loving couples would be extra sentimental and extra romantic this month.

So guys, listen up. Whether you are planning a romantic night out or dining at home with your Valentine, you might want to consider rousing up some good tunes to set the lovely ambience. This is one of my favourite love songs by 98 degrees, I Do (Cherish You) and I would like to dedicate this specially to all the lovey dovey couples out there.

And not forgetting to my beloved hubby for

sharing my joys & sorrows,
understanding my inspirations,
being my lover & best friend,
filling my life with much happiness
and loving me for the rest of my life...

Lyrics | 98 Degrees lyrics - I Do (Cherish You) lyrics

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  1. Oh so true LR! Def couples automatically get extra romantic this month LOL!! Great love song from you sweetie. :):):)

  2. hi mariuca,
    my very FC 4 the day. chop, chop chop!:)

  3. mariuca,
    love is in the air indeed. i'm glad that u enjoyed my pick.

  4. hey monica,
    it's good 2 hear that u loved this number. have a good one.

  5. this song really does bring back memories, used to love it so much. catchy tune as well! :D

  6. Awww.. very romantic indeed.

    Anyways, hope you have a happy valentine with your loved one! :)

  7. I like 98 degrees! Even have their CD. Too bad they no longer famous after their famous duet with Mariah Carey, which was their only No.1 hit on Billboard Chart.

    I noticed most male singers don't do well in their singing career after doing a duet with Mariah. Look at Boyz 2 Men, Brian McKnight, Babyface, and Joe. Even Westlife not doing too well, at least not as good as last time! : )

  8. I don't celebrate Valentine's day. It's too commercialised.
    It's love everyday for hubby and I. haha...

  9. hey levian,
    yeah, I remember those days when this was actually a hit. glad you loved it.

  10. hi shemah,
    thanks for visiting my MM. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  11. you're right, foong! i hope to see these guys back on track. missed their music.

  12. ECL,
    sounds so romantic! despite the overrated n commercialized valentine's day, many would still observed this special occasion with their loved ones.

    anyway, it's v for us everyday too:)