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Thursday, February 5, 2009

YAY! BlogExplosion is finally back in action

I haven't been able to access blogexplosion (BE) for the past few days. I kept wondering what can be the reason behind for not being able to log in. Even my referral link was vanished from my blog as well. Some people were saying that it had completely closed its doors, while others were saying that the site was in the midst of some server issues that was affecting all of their sites. When I logged in my BE account last night, I was pleasantly pleased that the problems have been resolved and the server is working again. YAY!

I've been using this program to explode my traffic from time to time. The basic rule is you surf other BE member blogs and in return you generate free traffic to your blog at the same time. The feedback was overwhelming indeed. I've also discovered some aspiring talented writers through this program. I've always been looking for other ways of driving traffic to my blog and finding other people's interesting blogs.

So far, sites like BE and Entrecard are among my favourite traffic generators. Ever since Entrecard was launched, it spread like wildfire over the blogosphere. By joining the system, I have found hundreds of great quality blogs to read. To be completely honest, I hate to make excuses but it's pretty time consuming to simply read through all posts and I scarcely have time to put up a wonderful comment that each blog truly deserves.

In the meantime, enjoy BE by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. This network is worth checking out. Happy blogging!


  1. Hi LR! I immediately checked my status at BE after reading ur post, but no they have NOT reinstated my account, oh so angry!!!!! MONTHS oredi, seriously it's time for me to give up on BE! :(

  2. Maybe I should join BE but there's one thing I'm quite worried about when it comes to visiting other people's blogs. I experienced virus attack from visiting blogs listed in Entrecard. So I'm more careful now : )

  3. mariuca,
    i'm sorry you had to deal with this predicament. I think that the people running it just couldn't care less anymore.

    don't b mad and cheer up princess, EC is much better.

  4. foong,
    EC seems to have full of bugs. I hope they will fix this problem asap. It's no fun dropping ECs otherwise. At times, McAfee will come up n say that it has blocked a Trojan...which has happened from time 2 time. :-(

  5. i've not heard of BE before, EC however i'm much more familiar with. i should probably check it out. :D

  6. he he he he that's okay LR, hugs! I miss joining BOTB though, that was my fave part of BE! :):):)

  7. I have been a member of BE for two years. I like BOTB. :)

  8. hey levian,
    i hope you'll enjoy BE as much as I do. have fun!

  9. mariuca,
    oh, i feel so bad 4u. i hope BE will reinstate ur acc asap. meanwhile, keep ur fingers crossed.

  10. ECL,
    oh yes, BOTB is a lot of fun, isn't it?

  11. monica,
    as much as I like EC, i like BE too. it helps to drive extra traffic to my blog. btw, i found ECL and Mariuca thru BE.