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Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year breakfast

In Chinese culture, food symbolism plays an important role in Chinese New Year. Being a Hokkien, it's been a long standing tradition to take rice vermicelli noodles for breakfast on the first day of the festivity. The old folks believe that this meal is particularly prominent because it symbolize longevity. My need to continue with food traditions has always been relatively strong. I guess there is a part of me that secretly believes that I'll have an unlucky year ahead if I don't make this dish, but I know, it's not about observing in such practices as much as believing in myself.

This is what we had for breakfast on the first and second day of the ox-picious occasion. And yay, my hubby loves this tasteful traditional dish.

rice vermicelli noodles topped with egg, chicken drumstick, fish maw, fish balls


  1. I wonder what time u got up to prepare this special breakfast! ;)

  2. I usually dont know what to cook for 1st day of CNY. My children will fly out early to collect their ang pow and have their breakfast with their grandma. So I eat what I can LOL
    Keong He Huat Chai

  3. hi mariuca,
    my very FC. you didn't say CHOP! hehe

  4. mariuca,
    i've alwiz been an early person n preparing this breakfast doesn't requires a lot of time.

  5. molly,
    happy chinese new year!

    it's an old tradition of consuming this dish during the 1st day of CNY. it's an undeniable fact that kids enjoyed collecting angpows. hehe.

  6. hi gagay,
    thanks for dropping by.

    happy chinese new year to you and your family.