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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preparing for Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year falling towards end of this month, I believe many homes would be cleaning out all the junk and clutter all over the place. It has been my usual practice to get that spring cleaning urge right after Christmas. Who doesn't love their surroundings to be clean, pleasing to the eye and sparkling for the festive mood?

The festive season will be the next big affair after welcoming New Year. It seems that the local supermarkets are getting prepared for the incredibly big celebration that occurs in less than a month's time. This year the auspicious occasion will celebrate the Year of the Ox.

Apart from the spring cleaning, many homes will be exquisitely adorned with somewhat glittering.......... I mean overpowering red, red, red decorations to usher in the Chinese New Year. Apparently , red is considered a lucky color, and it is prominently featured in Chinese New Year decorations. Somehow, my hubby and I not particularly fond of flattering decorations that ended up looking too busy and disturbing. Don't get me wrong, spreading the chinese new year spirit is absolutely fun and great but we prefer to keep it simple. We usually keep the decorations to a minimum, we just don't overdo it. Sometimes, less really is more.

We like simple, meaningful themes to adorn our home. I decorate my home with this chinese character 'Fu' (as picture above) because it's associated with good luck, good fortune and is believed to usher in prosperity. Incase you don't know, 'Fu' is one of the most popular and common Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year. Apart from that, I adore the idea of displaying flowers to symbolize a healthy beginning in the coming year.


  1. wow you're fast! I don't do spring house cleaning cos I usually fly back to Sabah 2 or 3 days before CNY :-D

  2. WOW so fast preparing for CNY oredi! very rajin la u! ;)

  3. Don work too hard now, happy Tuesday! :)

  4. Huhu, I buy 5 shirts + 3 pants, all news for this CNY. Thinking to add more, but no money liao.

  5. opss wrong spelling...i want ang pau

  6. You create those flower arrangements? Lovely.

    I have yet to start on my spring cleaning.

  7. Lovely flower arrangements.

    Early start for the CNY spring cleaning. :)

  8. monica,
    it's very lucky of you to have escape those house chores.

  9. mariuca,
    don't worry, i'll try not to overstrain myself.

  10. chin weng,
    i have yet to buy any festive goodies.

  11. azlan,
    in chinese culture, we give angpows to children, old folks and those who are still unattached. too bad you're married oredi but i can still belanja u when u pay me a visit.:D

  12. ECL,

    thank goodness i don't live in a bungalow. otherwise, i'll die of exhaustion before CNY. :)

  13. lina,
    you think the flowers r nice too? yay, thanks.

    it's never early to sort everything out in advance.