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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009!

This is my first ever post for 2009 and this being the third day of a brand new year. I love new beginnings. Despite the tough economic times, I remain optimistic and excited about this year. My instinct just tells me that some of the great things will happen in near future.

I know I really should post something profound for the brand new year, but I just don't have it in me at the moment. But seriously, the word 'school' seems to be lingering on my mind so, I will just post this.

There are only a couple of days left before the new school semester opens which means a new class, new teachers, new lessons and everything new. This will be the last few days of the kids to indulge in cartoons and video games before homework starts piling up. It seems my kids are now enjoying every precious minute of their remaining holidays. On the other hand, I guess they are enthusiastically looking forward to the new semester to start, and so begins another year of fun, challenges and excitement. Needless to say, the past few weeks have been a great escapade for the kids away from their stressful moments, thoughts, and concerns.

Orientation session begins today but this time it is for my daughter's brand new year in school for the Secondary 1 classes. My hubby drives her to school today and hopefully she'll adapt to her new environment and everything will work out fine for her.

The first week of school has always been the toughest moment as everyone struggles to get back into a routine and remember the daily activities that help make things work smoothly. As school begins, I guess I would need to wake up early with the help of my alarm clock, of course and ferry them to school. That said, there will be the usual morning rush hour when school is open. Of course the school bus schedules play a major factor as well.

Anyway, here’s to another incredible 365 days of:

Much to be thankful for
Much to look forward to…

Cheers to 2009!


  1. We're trying to adapt to the school session too, as this is Raimie's first year in primary school. :-)

  2. I don't know but as a kid last time, I was not at all enthusiastic in going back to school after a long holiday! I always wanted my holidays to be longer, preferably forever! : )

  3. Goody! School reopens again! My kids are finally going to give me some peace and quiet for 8 hours during the weekdays! :)

  4. It's so good to see ur enthusiasm abt the NY, I too believe things can only get better from here now on. :):):)

  5. lina,
    Raimie must be feeling nervous on the 1st day of school but I hope everything will run smoothly for him.

  6. foongpc,
    sounds like we're in the same boat. school was dreadful back then. hehe

  7. ECL,
    I have less squabbling and bickering to listen to at home too.

  8. Yes, is school time again! And I'm back in school too. I always look forward to school to meet friends minus all those homework! =)

  9. tekkaus,
    as much as parents will enjoy their kids to head back to school...I won't enjoy the alarm clock going off at 6 AM. hehehe