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Friday, April 27, 2012

PhotoHunt - Texture, Local streets

For this week's photohunt themes, I'm featuring some photos of my hometown in Penang.

Walking through the old local streets along the heritage trail of Penang, you will be greeted by charming pre-war buildings with unique textures and characters. Some of the buildings have been wonderfully restored and across the street is the Upper Penang Road where bars and clubs come alive at night. It is one of the spots that I walked past frequently but funny that I have not patronized these places before.

Here is another different view of a pre-war building located at Love Lane. I think there are possibly thousands of buildings like these and more than half of them are located in the inner city of George Town.

Right in the heart of Chulia Street, this spot is well-known as a backpackers haven. There are many guesthouses along the long stretch of road and also various shops cater to different needs of tourists from renting motorbikes, money changers, visa services, internet cafes to laundries.

In 2008, Penang's capital George Town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site for its well-preserved 19th century colonial architecture.

This is one of my favourite shots captured at a little corner of Eastern and Oriental Hotel. Noticed the varied texture of this old building? The lines, shadows and patterns make this structure burst with texture and character.

From another perspective, Farquhar Street is one of the popular spots where you can just stroll around on a breezy afternoon. I like how the greenery adds life and texture to the street.

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  1. Wonderful tour of the beautiful streets. Happy Weekend!

  2. thanks for the sneak peek at penang. it's a popular global tourist destination.

  3. These are great! Thank you for sharing your hometown with us. The streets look so colourful :)

  4. I can't pick a favourite photo this time round because they are all Bonza :-).

  5. They are very fashinating. It must be enjoyable to walk around and take such old buildings photos. :)

  6. I love to go penang too. Not only have cultural local streets also have lots of nice penang local food.

  7. I miss my hometown. My hometown just like penang. A peaceful local streets..

  8. You make Penang look really beautiful in your photos! :)

    Re Upper Penang Road: I've eaten and drank in establishments there. It does get hopping late at night -- and too loud for the likes of me! So I prefer to go there for lunch and earlier in the evening. ;b

  9. I have not been to this part of Penang, the backpackers' street.

    I have stayed at the Eastern and Oriental hotel twice.

  10. I like your hometown, Life Ramblings! Different architectures, I like the colonial row as well as the backpacker's spot.

  11. Beautiful shots and amazing colonial architecture! nice.

    local street

  12. Beautiful pictures ! I always get so angry when old buildings are destroyed to build these awful glass boxes ! It's such a shame. It was the same here, now suddenly they try to restore, but it's almost too late.

  13. I must visit this place soon. So beautiful.

  14. it's an eye opening experience when i first visited penang :) love the so beautifully designed buildings

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  15. Penang is looking so pretty and clean! I must go back for a visit.

  16. Without reading the description first, I thought your first photo was taken in Europe because of the abundance of outdoor seating restaurants. I was in George Town briefly at night so unfortunately, I did not see any of those colonial buildings.