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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our World - Street Scenes in Athens

For Our World entry, I thought I'd share some random street scenes in Athens, during my visit a few years ago.

Everywhere in the street corner is populated with lots of these vendors. It's fascinating to watch locals like them going about their daily lives.

Welcome to the one of the busiest roads in front of the Olympics Stadium complex. The locals seem to rely heavily on cars for transportation, sometimes for only short destinations.

While wandering aimlessly around the city, I encountered this cop on duty. He was pretty cool and didn't mind me taking his picture.

If you like shopping, this is your paradise. Many shoppers are seen on Ermou street, the commercial street of Athens. I don't like shopping but it's a good place to eat or just sit and enjoy people watching.

Throughout the city, rings of bread covered with sesame seeds are commonly sold at street corners, in bakeries and people can be seen walking along the streets, snacking away on these simple, yet satisfying treats.

More often than not, you'll come across a lot of this kind of graffiti on many old, abandoned buildings not far away from the Acropolis. It seems a shame, but scenes like this often catch my attention.

As we walked along, I discovered a huge collection of paintings lying along the sidewalks of the street. Some of them are tastefully painted but such a pity that they're left unattended.

While heading towards Acropolis, we bumped into a group of tattooed guys. It's hard to tell if they're gangsters but you don't wanna mess with them. This photo has been cropped for a closer view.


  1. It's a good idea to share this pictures with us.
    Not all tattooed guys are gangsters. But it's better to be carful in a foreign country.
    Have a nice day
    Greetings, Angela

  2. is always fascinating to see how other people are going about with their lives right? Especially when we visit foreign countries. We wanna know if they are that different from us. :)

  3. I think the cop is very happy to be photographed. cops over there drive Mercedes?

  4. Awww....I would love to try the bread. Looks simple. :D

  5. What a great post!!! I love seeing what normal streets look like in other cities, behind the tourist attractions. I think I would have liked some of the sesame seed bread!

    South Africans are another nation to drive everywhere. We never walked anywhere!!

  6. I wonder how it would be to go to Athens now as a tourist. Probably not so good.


  7. Bonza Photos. I agree the tattooed blokes in the last photo do look like gangsters up to no good :-).

  8. Great tour of the city!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos of Athens. I love all the different street scenes. I would love to see the Acropolis too? Great post and photos.

  10. What a great place for a vacation. You took some wonderful shots.

  11. Marvelous captures! I do love Athens! I spent a couple of weeks there years ago and it was fantastic! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the memories!!


  12. Amazing photos. Full of life. Wonderfully captured. :)

  13. What a great skill to pile breads they have! Yes It's fun to see people's daily life in foreign country. I sometimes enjoy it.
    Your photos are persuasive as usual.
    Have a nice week!

  14. It sounds great place. The second one is interesting to visit. :)

  15. Looks like lots of street vendors, but I only have eyes for the bread stands.

  16. Ha ha oh me too like people watching, esp when sitting in al-fresco coffee places, while sipping delicious caramel coffee of course! ;)

  17. Wow it's been a few years since your last big vakasi yeah? I'm sure you must be planning another cool getaway soon, have fun! :)