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Monday, January 24, 2011

A visit to Aquaria KLCC, An Ocean of Discovery

During our road trip to Kuala Lumpur last month, we made a visit to Aquaria KLCC which is an underwater park located beneath the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). My kids enjoyed it so much that we stayed there for a few hours just for this attraction. Not as comprehensive or as big as the ones I've seen in Langkawi and Sydney but it's fairly modern and the enticing colours of aquatic life makes it a memorable experience.

Featuring 60,000 sq ft in two levels with a 90 metre long underwater tunnel, the Aquaria houses over 250 different species and over 20,000 land and aquatic animals from Malaysia and around the world.

Picture 335
Our first adventure begins at the DNA touch Pool area where you can not only observe but feel and touch the underwater animals such as bamboo sharks, stingrays, starfish, and many species of fish, seaweeds and colourful corals.

Picture 334
Have you ever experience putting your hands into the touch pool and touch those slimy and scaly critters? This has never been easy for me, but the fun is there. I think the adults were more reluctant and fearful than than the kids. Even though I was too scared to experience it, my kids told me that the sea creatures are friendly and not that scary.

Picture 370Picture 375
As we walked along, we encountered some beautifully preserved insects, butterflies and moths which are being placed inside the glass windows.

There are also some interesting exhibits like hermit crab, lizards, snakes, turtles, vice versa that were housed in glass tanks on both sides of the wall.

Picture 374
Unlike other fellow creatures, this baby crocodile seems to be shying away from the camera but at least I managed to take a shot of its head.

Picture 435
As we were descending towards the ground level, we noticed a huge cylindrical Flooded Forest Tube tank housing hundreds of fish species swimming gracefully around what looks like a really old tree trunk from the rainforest.

Picture 465
After experiencing our close encounters with the underwater life, we headed to the water tunnel. The aquarium looks pretty clean and appear to be well-tended, and the inhabitants look fairly healthy and overall quite energetic.

Having to experience those sting rays and sharks swimming overhead you is such a big treat. I think this has gotta be the most enjoyable journey for me. I couldn’t really recall how many times I went through the tunnel. It's truly amazing to get an underside look at sharks, stingrays, and other sea creatures so up close. Even though the walkway seems to be constantly moving and quite dark, I was glad to be able to take a few good shots under low light conditions.

Picture 580Picture 581
On the ground level there are many tanks inhabited by all sorts of ocean life and there are detailed facts printed out beside each tank. It’s a wonderful way to introduce kids about marine life species that they don't often get to see and also learn about marine conservation, threats and issues facing marine life.

Picture 560
And just when we think that we’ve seen the last of Aquaria’s exhibits, a specimen of a mega tooth shark greets us at the exit. I thought it was a fabulous, fitting end to the adventure.

Admisssion fees:

Adults – RM38, RM28 with MyKad
Children - RM26 , RM22 with MyKid,
- aged 3 and below (FOC)
Senior Citizens - RM18

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  1. The Aquaria is a fun place to visit. Though a bit too expensive to visit often. XD

  2. Another wonderful walk with you! I love all of these images.

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    I must say my favorite is the image of the baby crocodile!

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  8. Aquaria looks like a great place to visit. You got some wonderful pictures.

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    Yes, I have touched them, too. I think it was in Corpus Christi, Tx.
    xo bj

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  16. places/attractions like these are fun for kids and kids at heart.

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    I love the baby crocodile

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  30. Gosh, your photos are exquisite! Very nicely done as I know the light can be difficult in these places. I just love touch pools in these places and feel just like a young child again. The best thing I ever touched was a baby sting ray at Singapore Zoo.