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Monday, January 3, 2011

My travel Reflections of 2010

As I reflect on 2010, I must admit it was definitely a wonderful year to remember. I bid farewell to another year having visited marvelous places, met inspiring people and each day of my journey brings new wonders to thrill and amaze. Those are such memorable days and I'm glad I'm able to capture each significant moment here. I still have tons of travel photos to share, so stay tuned for more stories and pictures.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my most memorable adventures of 2010 I intend to remember for a long time.

Exquisite waterfall with Diving Statues at the Dubai Mall. Having seen many waterfalls and fountains, I think this was certainly the most amazing waterfalls I've ever encountered.

Most beautiful metro in Moscow
The subway in Moscow is one of the best I've ever seen. Aside from being the largest metro system in the world, it is super efficient, inexpensive and fast. I also like the beautifully designed tiles, astonishing marble walls and intricate mosaics.

We have been on many cruises but the bosphorus cruise was among the best because of the excellent service and the panoramic views of the straight, sea, and surrounding hills are fantastic. It really gives a good picture of greater Istanbul, as well as a nice feeling for the water and the views. The fact that the cruise wasn't a tourist trap was an added plus too. I really enjoyed this experience.

How I love this. The day I visited St. Basil's was truly one magical day. The colourful, twisting domes are just so beautiful and the facts of the cathedral are astounding and amazing. I was very grateful that I had that opportunity.

Santorini is probably one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to. Before this, I knew nothing about this place and had low expectations of it. I'm extremely glad we made this decision as it is a fabulous island full of natural beauties. The architecture and environment is completely different from anything that we see in other parts of Europe.

Eggs galore in Salzburg throughout the year.
While walking through the streets one evening, I came across the most wonderful window displays of thousands of decorative eggs. Christmas eggs, halloween eggs, birthday eggs, easter eggs and they are beautifully hand blown and crafted. If only we could have egg stores like this back home.

Vienna's famous market, the bustling Naschmarkt.
All that travelling gives me the opportunity to do some of my favourite things, sampling exotic food cultures. Whenever I travel to a new city, I always visit the produce market and see what they grow and eat.

The Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey are truly out of this world. The unusual rock formations so-called fairy chimneys are the result of a volcanic eruption and thousands of years of wind, water and lava forming them into different shapes through the valleys. It's truly amazing that nature's forces that created such a rich fascinating history. I will never forget this magical place.

The natural wonders of the Alps has always intrigued me. Innsbruck in Austria is extremely photogenic and I enjoy the crisp fresh air, the beautiful snow-capped mountains with an abundance of natural greenery. No matter which angle you look, the magnificent views just blows you away. It would be awesome to wake up to such beautiful landscape every morning.

It has always been my dream to visit the Vatican City and glad I was able to visit it. I climbed hundreds of steps just to get to the top of the cupola. It was a strenuous climb of 311 steps to the top, but it was worth it. We managed to observe the whole Vatican, the city of ancient Rome, the entire St. Peter's Square, it was incredibly magnificent. The shot was not as good as I would have liked, but I was glad I had a chance to experience the best view and proudly say I was at the top of St. Peter's.

All in all, a remarkable year and here's to a great 2011.

Thank you so much to my followers, EC droppers, readers who have been extremely supportive of my blog. It means a great deal to me. I have truly enjoyed meeting all of the people who visit, read and leave comments upon my blog and being part of this wonderful blogosphere. This blog is nothing without you.


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  1. Your pictures are breathtaking!!! I have this ultimate dream of wanting to travel around the world if only i was given the luxury of time (and money hehe). It is indeed wonderful to look at their pictures, but I bet nothing compares to being present at those exact spots you've shown in your pics. And it seems to me that you learned a lot from traveling because of your picture captions. I really envy you. I wish i could have this opportunity to tour around the world someday. It must have been a really awesome 2010 for you!!!

    Cheers to you this 2011!!! Take care! :-)

  2. Thank you, Life Ramblings, to share with us all your wonderful travels! I wish you a good start for the new year and may that at the finish of this year you should have told us marvelous stories.

    Happy New Year!

  3. The subway in Moscow seems to be the complete opposite as to what we have to suffer in London, on the Underground!

    I can't help but be amazed by the beauty of the Diving Statues at the Dubai Mall.

  4. So beautiful!!!and good photoes!!

    you do what we all should had done..visit a new place every year!!

    god yu inspirate me!!

    Many hugs from norway:)))

  5. I too love the waterfall effect and my other fave is Santorini, splendid pics of both!

  6. Are you already planning your next big travel adventure with hubby? Wonder where ul be off to next.. but wherever it is, I know it will be another awesome trip! :)

  7. Thanks for a this review of your travels in 2010. I enjoyed tagging along with you and I look forward to more adventures.

  8. Wow... amazing going through the series.
    Best Regards

  9. What an awesome photo of Diving Statues. I'll be looking forward to more of your amazing photos in 2011.

  10. Wow my heart almost fell when I saw those 'divers'. Lovely waterfall. Nice Santorini like it very very much phew lovely. All the while thought that St Basil is a mosque from the doom shape. How wrong can I be haha. Thanks so much for all the posts on your exciting tours and pixz. Yeah peace on earth. tQ.

  11. You sur are lucky to get to see such awesome sights, all around the world.

    Where to, this year? ^-^

  12. I am in awe of your travels. That shot of Santorini looks like a photo in a magazine.

  13. So many nice scenes here. Happy 2011.

  14. You took some beautiful photos of your travel. One day, I hope to see the places you have visited.

  15. What a wonderful year in travel for you! I can only hope and aspire to do the same! Your photos are gorgeous and make me want to visit those places so badly! Turkey looks amazing. Here's to wishing you an even better 2011! Cheers.

  16. 2010 was your monster year. Here's to a bigger year ahead.

    I enjoyed your travels, more to come.

  17. I’ve been to a couple of places you mention but most I have not yet visited. What an eye-opener to realize there is so much more to see beyond the typical tourist destinations. Your journey’s are spectacular and unique.

  18. Thank you for this nice escape into the world !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  19. Fantastic! And some memories for me! I've been to Santorini when I was visited Greece and I've been to Salzburg! Your photos are truly superb as always! Hope your new year is off to a great start!!


  20. You made wonderful visits, terrific shots.

    Have another grand New Year! :)

  21. Wow, all your photos look absolutely gorgeous! What a year!
    Have a wonderful 2011!

  22. Wonderful travel experiences. Amazing shots.

  23. You have some really nice photos. Thank you for sharing them.

  24. gorgeous places and photos! here's to more adventures in 2011!

  25. You are so lucky to have traveled to so many exotic places. Thank you for sharing your 2010 trips with us. Looking forward to your 2011 travels!

  26. What wonderful adventures you had last year. Here's to many more!

  27. Santorini tops my places to visit list. Ever since when I first saw a spread about the place in a National Geographic Traveler magazine.

    You're so lucky to have visited! :)

  28. was in istanbul back in nov 2010. had a superb trip

  29. wishing u and ur hubby even more wonderful adventures in 2011!! :)

  30. I always enjoy your photos and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the coming year. Here are to more great travels.

  31. What a great collection of photos! The watefall with diving statues are magnificent!

    Happy new year to you and your family LR!