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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all you moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day! It's a pleasant trip down memory lane for me, remembering wonderful snippets of memories and all the fabulous things our mother did for us when we were young.

I hope every mother out there has a very special day, and gets plenty of kisses, giggles and cuddles from their loved ones. Now that I am a blessed mommy of three, I certainly appreciate the hugs and thoughtful gifts from my children like when they make me some handmade cards and crafts.

Most of all, thank you to all beautiful mothers out there for everything you've done to make our world a better place. Thank you for your guidance and support you've given us, the meals you've provided, the caretaker of us when we were sick and making sure all our physical and emotional needs are met. And if you are not a mother may you have a splendid time with your loved ones too!

This is a photo of my lovely mom. She has always been a true inspiration to me and my family. I love her more than anything in this world. She is my best friend, my confidante, my biggest supporter and always listens to my random ramblings when I'm feeling blue. I'm fortunate to still enjoy time with my mom and I'm thankful she is still in pink of health in her 60's ! Love and hugs to you, mom and thank you for being such a wonderful Mother!

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  1. A very lovely tribute to your Mother and glad she is in good health.

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  2. Happy Mother's Day, LR! have a blast with ur kids and hubby today! :)

  3. Happy Mother's day to you and everyone!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you and your lovely mother LR :)

  5. Happy Mum's Day! =D

  6. thats so sweet
    happy mothers day!!!

    its nice to be here in your blog
    hope you could take time to visit me too

    have a great day and happy blogging

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother, LR! :-)

  8. Happy belated Mother's Day to you and your mom! : )

  9. hello there its me again just wanna thank you for dropping by at my site
    i certainly appreciate that
    i added you in my blog roll in my main blog (top five)
    so i can visit you here often
    have a great day!! and happy blogging

  10. Happy Mother's day LR! I salute moms for being a great model and ever caring mother to us. I sure will do the same for my future kids.

  11. Happy Mother's Day to both you and your mom.. A belated one that is.. Hope you enjoyed your day.. :)

  12. a belated happy mothers' day to you. :)

  13. Happy Mother's Day to both you and your mum! may both of you always be in good health! ;D Mamas rocks!!!