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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordful/ Wordless Wednesday - Shah Alam

A journey last week to visit my home from the past led to a trip down memory lane, reliving great moments of my wonderful childhood in Shah Alam that I grew up in. As it turned out, most of my nostalgic feelings were centered around the memories, people, experiences, life that I had and not to mention, the exotic food.

This is where we used to live before we moved out over a decade ago

The main highlight of visiting Shah Alam was to do the last bit of maintenance and upkeeping of our old house to make the home as worry free as possible. Our beautiful home is currently sitting empty. The house has been on rental market for a few days and our real estate agent has been getting a lot of inquiries. My dad actually have a few prospects of his own and someone is coming to see the house in a few days. Our delightful tenants who were so good about paying their rental, all of a sudden fell on tough times. But thank goodness, throughout all these years, it's been such a blessing our rental house made a profit. That's because it resides in a popular neighborhood for shopping, dining and conducting religious practice within the vicinity.

There are many wonderful places to explore here in Shah Alam but somehow, we only managed to visit the beautiful Blue Mosque and the captivating Lake Garden.

It is the country's biggest mosque and also the second biggest mosque in Southeast Asia after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indones. Non-muslims are allowed to enter the compound of the mosque but not the main prayer hall.

the blue aluminium dome covered in verses from the Quran

Some pictures at the lake garden with the Blue Mosque in the background

an amazing landscape garden, this man-made lake graces the Shah Alam town. It is an ideal spot for picnics, jogging or recreational activities

this is my little girl happily striking some poses at the Lake Garden


  1. your little gurl is such a cutie pie! ;-)

  2. Your girl is so cute!! Why haven't you put her photos up before?
    *pinch pinch cheeks*

    I want to visit the Blue Mosque one day. it looks beautiful. Can go in for a tour?

  3. Such a cute girl. I wanna pinch her cheeks too! :D

    I used to spend a lot of time at the lake garden when I was younger. Used to spend my school holidays with my grandpa who lived there & spending time reading books free at Berita Book Centre. :-)

  4. Yes, you have an adorable little girl! Talking about Shah Alam, I quite like the place. I used to go Bukit Cahaya last time for long walks.

  5. ECL,
    thanks. it always depends on my girl's mood to take good photos.
    yeah, the architecture of the blue mosque is pretty impressive. Proper dress code is imposed here or you will be ask to wear a robe.

  6. lina,
    shah alam is bustling nevertheless.

    my dad used to take us to the lake garden for jogging too.

  7. foong,
    i've only been to bkt cahaya once during my stay in shah alam. i want to visit the place again.

  8. Hi dear! I used to study in Shah Alam so this does bring back memories for me too. :)

  9. mariuca,
    so you studied in s.a.? i had my early education in convent klang.:D