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Saturday, December 20, 2008

School bags are a pain in the back

How time flies! The new school semester will start in 2 weeks' time. As school begins, the perennial issue of heavy school bags crops up again. I often noticed heroic pupils on their way to and from school battling with huge overloaded school bags. The bags outsized some of the poor little children. It's total madness. That in turn puts more stress on the rest of the body, regardless they are moving or at rest.

Owing to the weight of the books, most parents are now buying bags that equipped with rollers. Even though roller bags are widely used, they are way too heavy and impractical for little ones to navigate along stairways. Can you imagine the weight the children have to carry when climbing the steps to their classrooms? At times, they would go off balance when they have to drag them over drains, steps or uneven surfaces too. How downright pathetic!

Due to the heavy amount of materials my kids had to carry to school, I had to purchase two school bags each for my kids, the one with rollers and another backpack to ease their burden. When it comes to buying school bags, I often choose the ones with good qualities even if it is a little pricey. This is due to the fact that such quality bags offer better strength and durability.

In the good old days, I didn’t have to endure such heavy bags. Sadly, school bags have increased in size over the past few years as students' lives these days are more preoccupied with activities, both in and after school. And there are just way too many books in the syllabus. Some subjects, require five or six exercise books alone, excluding the textbooks. Maybe our minister thinks that if you carry more books, you are more brainy. DUH!

With the heavy loads of school bags our poor little ones have to carry to school these days, it's only a matter of time before we get a generation of hunchbacks with badly formed postures.


  1. there have been a lot of hoo ha about this every year, but nothing much changed in regards to the kids having to carry such heavy bag. My son is starting school next year, & I'm beginning to worry how he can carry a bag with his small frame. :(

  2. Parents have been complaining about this for years, how come they still have not come up with a solution? The other day, I heard about notebooks/laptops given to children so they no need to bring books anymore. How true is this?

  3. School should start using computer as a way to teach the children. Just let the children go online to find the study materials. Dont you think that will save alot like books, cutting down trees, heave school bag and other advantages.

  4. lina,
    although the issue had been much discussed and debated, the problems are still left unattended.

  5. foong,
    the initiative aims to expose students to e books are recently launched by the trengganu govt. E-books have the potential of making classroom learning an interesting affair, if implemented and managed well.

  6. molly,
    althought computers and CD roms have been introduced some years ago, yet the kids are still carrying so many books to school.