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Monday, March 14, 2011

Street scenes in Bangalore, India

Some street scenes showing the daily activities of people in Bangalore, during my brief visit to India a few years ago.

Traffic, small retail shops and market stalls are in such close proximity.

Everywhere in the street corner is populated with lots of food vendors. It's fascinating to watch locals like these vendors going about their daily lives.

Many streets are entirely devoted to selling the same merchandise as they have done for several years.

I enjoy riding, but I would need to develop my observation and training skills before I would be ready to navigate these streets. Pedestrians, auto-rickshaws, bicycles and other vehicles come so close to being bumped, but amazingly, they are not. I did not come across any collisions.

Almost every young woman I noticed was dressed in salwar kameez, and some in very bright, vivid colors.

The sightseeing of Bangalore aren't that numerous but there are many spiritual places of worship for different religions and every street has something unique to offer.

This is the St Mary's Cathedral which is the first Syrian Orthodox Church in Bangalore.

It's quite common to see Indian men pushing a cart laden with bags of goods and stuff from one end to the other in the street. More often I see one pushing and one pulling helping one another to stabilize the cart.

From another perspective, reading books and newspapers at the corner of the street is a pastime for many.

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  1. I got thrilled seeing the last photo. I want to see and read books from India. In my opinion, most of them are great writers in the world.

    The colorful dresses of women in India is always a joy to see. I'm curious why guys are mostly in long sleeves polo.

    India is my dream destination. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. The place is sure colourful.... and crowded!

  3. Wow....the food vendors here remind me of our Pasar Malam. :)

  4. I think this road was featured in one of the amazing race episodes. :/

  5. Wonderful photos showing exactly the India I saw some months ago. The same vivid, colorful streets. I like the pictures, Life Ramblings!

  6. Amazing photos with many colors, orizinal builts,many cars, very nice !!!

  7. Wonderful and interesting photos! I enjoyed seeing.

    Rui Pires - OLHAR D'OURO

  8. Wow, how visually overwhelming. What a lifestyle! I don't know if I could take the close quarters.

  9. What a stunning post with gorgeous street scenes. I love the salwar kameez. I think it always looks stunning on women and the fabric must feel luxurious.

  10. i like checking out sidewalk vendors and their wares. you can get bargain items there.

  11. The streets of Bangalore are what we call Organised Kaos. Like the idea of reading newpapers and books on the street corner, would be a bit soggy after it rain. Fantastic photos once again :-).

  12. What a bustling place Bangalore is. So many goods, people, and means of transportation! Your street scenes are very colorful and lively!

  13. Terrific post and marvelous photos!! The next best thing to being there! Really love the street scenes! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  14. That's a very vibrant series of photos. I love seeing bustling places like this, although there's a limit to how long I can take being in a crowd.

  15. Great pics... Just way you depicted Bangalore!!
    Its a very beautiful city and typically chaotic, in the Indian way!!
    Have a nice day:)

  16. During my first visit to India cannot help wondering why the drivers honked so much, think almost every minute. Guess its their habit. tQ for the pixz

  17. Never been to India before! Looks like an interesting place : )

  18. Hi LR! I'm finally here again!

    How have you been?

    It's an interesting place but I am not sure if we'll be ready to visit India.

  19. What wonderful shots of life out on the streets.

  20. hiya LR...great pictures as usual!! ;)

  21. Wow, the traffic is so bad that I will be afraid to cross the street. So many vendors on the sidewalk that it would take hours to see everything.

  22. Wonderful photos you have of Bangalore. It really gives me a good sense of how crowded it is.