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Monday, May 31, 2010

RT- Unforgettable Rome

After years of planning, we finally made it to Rome and it is incredibly amazing than I can ever imagine. It’s full of ancient buildings and sculptures, enticing corners to explore, delicious desserts and not to mention, the very colourful nightlife. And despite its hustle and bustle, everything I see and feel is absolutely romantic and I can't help but be touched by the romance of Rome. Walking in Italy’s largest and bustling city will delight any history buff and the splendour of the ancient buildings and the greatest architectural works just amazes me.

When in Rome, we visited some ancient ruins along the way and some of the favourite spots for the lovey- doveys including the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps.

Our first stop is Piazza Navona which is a very colourful piazza, with lots of touristy restaurants, beautiful churches, free entertainment, endless displays of paintings for sale, and a multitude of baroque art pieces that you can see all in one place.

We also went to the Pantheon which was even more overwhelming. The sheer size of this monument was absolutely breathtaking. It's actually a temple built to honour all of the gods of ancient Rome.

Trevi Fountain is a timeless favourite with tourists both in and out of love. The story says that throwing one coin over the shoulder into the fountain guarantees that someone will travel to Rome again someday. I've no idea if this is true but I gladly nudge myself towards the crowd to do what everyone comes to do, toss a coin over the left shoulder with my back to the fountain in the hope of returning to the Eternal City.

Apart from visiting one great place after another, we also had our first experience with hop -off hop-on bus. You can save a lot on walking and it's a perfect way to see the sights and stop wherever you want. Most of the tourist destinations are also accessible by metro but it can get extremely crowded during rush hour.

Obviously this is a must see if you are visiting Rome. The Colosseum is a place I have always wanted to visit ever since I was in high school and glad it didn't disappoint. The metro stops directly in front of it so it's easy to get there. We arrived too late to get inside the Colosseum, but walked all around it taking pictures. It amazed me seeing this ancient structure surrounded by busy roads, people rushing around and all the excitement in the air.

Standing beside the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine was one of the last great Roman monuments, erected in AD 315. Honestly I have not heard of this triumphal arch, mainly because the colosseum draws all the attention from it to itself.

The Roman Forum, now mostly just piles of ruins, was once ancient Rome's main square and it is just a ten minute walk away from the Colosseum. There were temples, arches, and a meeting place for the senate. Julius Caesar was cremated here with fresh flowers marking the site.

Having Italian ice cream is a must and it is called Gelato. It's the best ice cream I have ever had. Not only is gelato incredibly scrumptuous, it is fresh and smooth and I really like the fact that you can get multiple flavors of gelato in a single serving. There is a wide array of gelato from fresh nuts to rich, creamy and exotic natural flavours, all created fresh each day using traditional Italian recipes and ingredients.

The Spanish Steps, seen from Piazza di Spagna. With 138 steps leading from the Piazza del Spagna at the base and the Trinity Church at the top, this is the longest and widest staircase in Europe.

This monument honouring Vittorio Emanuele II was the first king of a unified Italy. It is another nice place to visit for some awesome views of Rome and Piazza Venezia.


  1. Wonderful shots - as always!


  2. The pink tint is not what we see in the US - but combined with the Italian architecture makes for a beautiful city. The ruins and artifacts are wonderful, and a pink Italian ice is perfect after aday of sightseeing in the sun!

  3. Wonderful pictures from beautiful Rome.
    I want to go back to the Eternal City!

  4. Love lucky person, have not been there for a few years. Gorgeous images. happy Ruby Tuesdayxlynda

  5. Wow that's the place I love to visit someday. Happy Monday!

    BM-Memorial day

  6. I'm so jealous!! I wanna go Rome too! And guess what? I've been to that fountain during my last trip... The miniature one that is.. lol!

  7. Rome, Paris, Greece and so on are all in my dream. I hope one day the dream will come true.

  8. Ooh, I would love to see Rome someday. Don't think I've ever had gelato. If I did, it was a while ago.

    Thanks for sharing these photos ~ Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  9. Ah, such fun! One day we will make it to Rome. You mention cremation and then show a photo of ice cream - I started to think Julius Caesar was buried in gelato. Just me having fun.

  10. Leora,

    LOL... i just can't imagine Julius caesar being buried in gelato. i think you're confused with the pictures. the narration is displayed below each picture.

  11. Even though ruins, this is fabulous architecture.

  12. LR: What a neat look at your travels to Rome, excellent photos.

  13. LR,
    how long was your planning?

    Judging by the photos of the places you went, it was sure well worth it. Good planning, LR! :)

  14. Lovely vacation photos! I love Europe and would love to visit Rome someday. The Hop On-Hop Off buses are great for visiting new cities.

  15. Hi Ramblings! What a lovely place and yummy gelato! I miss such cold treats too..

    btw dear is it ok to get your mailing address? you may email me if so..

  16. The best seasons to visit Rome is fall and winter cos it will not be so crowded. But it doesn't matter really, as long as you've been to the place. I like the ancient look of the Trevi Fountain. Yummy ice cream!

  17. Nice touches of red, great travel piece. It gets me ready: I'll be in Rome in less than two weeks. Thanks for making me even more excited.

  18. I have been to Rome and it is incredible, your pictures a beautiful

  19. I want to go Rome!! Beautiful ancient buildings!

  20. And I want those gelato too!! Yummy!

  21. Drooling over the Gelato and i must make a trip to Rome soon. :p

  22. I have always wanted to see the Spanish Steps!
    beautiful photos!!

  23. oh WOW! thanks for always bringing us with you on your memorable tour!

    u may view mine here

  24. Lina,

    thanks for the compliments. :)
    seriously, it took us half a year to work out everything for our getaway. it wasn't easy and we need to do a lot of homework and research before we travel.

  25. Incredibly cool (I've never been, but I ain't dead yet!) and what nice photos, deftly stitched by your fun commentary!

  26. awesome.. I could feel your excitement LR! ;)

  27. the gelato looks so delicious!! :)