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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mooncake Festival

As the mooncake festival approaches, the mooncake frenzy is gaining momentum again. The delightful Mooncake Festival falls on every 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar and this year, it falls on Oct 3rd. Incase you're not aware, mooncake is a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mooncake Festival.

I happened to pass by one of the popular bakeries in the city while on my way to work this morning. With many fanciful mooncakes available, eventually I succumbed to temptations and couldn't resist buying myself a box. The mooncakes used to cost much less, but now they are incredibly expensive. My kids have been craving for these sweet treats for weeks and not wanting to dissapoint them, I purchased a box to satisfy their sweet cravings. After all, it's only once a year you get to savour this sweet delicacies.

Just looking at these sinfully delicious mooncakes is enough to add extra inches to my waistline. And with age catching up, I only consumed moderate amounts of these sweet delights as they're notoriously high in sugar and fat.

Lotus paste flavour

Each year big commercial mooncake makers would introduce a wide array of flavours, including dragon fruit, mango, green tea, durian, honeydew, water chestnut, soya bean, chocolate and some names that I've never even heard of. Despite the endless choices available, nothing beats the traditional lotus paste flavour which usually hits the best-selling list yearly. It happens to be one of my hubby's favourite of all time too.

Most traditional mooncakes have an inscription on top consisting of the Chinese characters to symbolize "longevity" or "harmony".

This is pandan lotus. The aroma of pandan is there but it was way too sweet for my liking.

Golden Jade Light with 1 yolk
Some mooncakes may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in its center to symbolize the full moon. I prefer mooncakes with yolks which are undeniably tastier than the plain ones.

Pearly Jade Mooncake
My kids loved the pearly jade flavour. It looks pretty and it has a strong pandan flavour too. Unfortunately, the excessive sugar somewhat spoiled its flavour.

This is Moonlight shadow and it's a wonderful combination of chocolate and cheese filling. The result is delicious, delectable and surprisingly, not too sweet. It is so yummy that after having one piece, my kids find it hard to stop! I love this flavour too, so this was an excellent find. The mooncakes certainly go well with my favourite green tea of course.

Mooncakes usually come in tastefully designed boxes as these sweet treats make perfect gifts during the Mooncake festival season.

Have you savoured this year's mooncake and what's your favourite flavour?

First Commenter - Foong


  1. I love mooncakes but I think they are ridiculously overpriced!

  2. Check this out - one mini mooncake (about 2.5 X 4 cm) from Shang Palace costs RM14!! Only for the rich, I say!

  3. Even normal mooncakes from established brands like Tai Thong, Kam Lun Tai and Baker's Cottage are horribly overpriced. On normal size mooncake that costs only RM2 is being sold for RM10! That's RM8 profit or 400%! I think I should start selling mooncakes next year. haha! Then I can go vacation for the rest of the year! : )

  4. I prefer snow skin (ping pei) mooncakes. And I dislike egg yolks in mooncakes! It's like eating egg yolks and some even have that fishy taste of egg yolks! Yucks!

  5. Might as well I buy an egg and eat! Better than buying the expensive egg yolk mooncakes! : )

  6. I love durian moon cakes and lotus paste mooncakes (without egg yolk of course!)

    Good mooncakes must melt in the mouth (no I am not confusing with chocolates! haha!) and not too oily or too dry. Must be just nice!

    Haha! So fussy yet unwilling to pay the high price for a mooncake! : )

  7. I love the durian snow skin mooncakes. BTW, to reply your feedback on the closed comment in my latest post, I would like to inform that I am participating in a I'm A Mom contest(details will be revealed soon) and hence unable to "able" comments under I'm A Mom related posts. All other comments in other posts are welcomed. Thanks for the support:)

  8. Can't email you my EC avatar cos you didn't provide me your email address! I thought I have been EC here before? You can use the same avatar.

    Or else, log into EC website, click on Campaign Tab, and click Search tab, then enter the name of my blog. You can copy the avatar from there : )

  9. i haven't tried mooncake before, but if i will i shall choose the ones with salted yolk in the middle, yummy!

  10. Foong....aren't you too excited? haha i was surprised to see a very long line of your comments! congrats for being fc =)

  11. i don't think we have variety of flavors of mooncakes back home but one thing's for sure...very pricey!!

    Mom always receives from students and friends so that saves us from buying bu this year no mooncakes for me. Last time I also received form office client. It's good! I love the egg there!

  12. Ramblings you talk as if you're so old already! hahaha just enjoy the mooncakes right now since it won't be available for long =)

  13. I have never heard of these or seen them and they look fabulous!!

    I probably just gained 5lbs. just looking!!

    Happy week LR!

  14. You can say that again Foong! moncakes are indeed ridiculously overpriced. LOL :D

  15. I have bought more than 10 of these so called expensive mooncakes. Haha :D It still makes me wonder why I bought so many of them.

    And guess what LR! I have the same box as yours....the "You As"! LOL D

  16. i am no big fan of mooncakes because of its sweetness, but i like those with animal shapes. they tend to have thicker "skins" to munch. :D

  17. Foong,

    more often, mooncakes from established makers are more expensive due to the overhead costs, time factor to bake and advertisements.

    Moon Cakes can be relatively cheap too if you buy them from pasar malam and markets but they taste horribly. it also depends on the type of filling used.

    you don't like the egg yolk? I actually like the combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours exploding in my mouth.

    you're funnylah./ you like mooncakes but yet you're not willing to pay for them? after all, it's only once a year you get to savour these sweet treats. better still, make your own lor, can control sugar and oil. iwish i could bake and sell too but i don't have the skills.

  18. Denesa,

    i love the delightful concoction too and they are selling like hot cakes here. i wanted to buy but they were sold out.

    all the best in the contest.

  19. Salitype,

    if you have a sweet tooth, these delicacies might satisfy your sweet cravings. the ones with egg yolks are delicious indeed.

  20. Ayie,

    yeah, Foong is my FC for this post. he must be gleefully jumping high and low. he's good in spamming too.

    these yummy concoctions are available in most chinese bakeries and established restaurants if you wanna savour this delicacy but don't overdose. most of the moooncakes are excessively high in sugar and fats which is no good for the baby and you.

    i'm getting old and i've to be careful on what i eat. if i'm not careful, it's easy to overindulge.

  21. Shinade,

    enjoy these delicacies that only comes once a year. it's good to see you here again and thanks for stopping by today. hugs.

  22. Tekkaus,

    teehee, mooncakes from established makers are usually expensive, yet people like you and me still buy them. so you actually bought 10 of those? wow, so loaded lah you but don't eat too much, othewiise, your face wil bear resemblance to the full moon. :)

  23. levian,

    animal shapes concoctions are not my cup of tea. good ones are hard to come by these days. but i guess everyone has difference preferences and tastes, right?

  24. Hi Life Ramblings, its mooncake time, as well Autumn for us.
    And you're right, they are expensive.
    The ones we get here all come from HK and China....
    anyway, I only eat the mix nuts ones, will take a detour on others, especially those with eggs.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  25. Both Zaini and I look forward to Mooncake festival each year. It seems that shops started selling them earlier and earlier each year, don't you think so?

    They are expensive but luckily I always managed to get some sent to the office that I can bring back for Zaini and Raimie to enjoy too. And love all the nice boxes they come in too...

  26. I am not a fan of mooncakes although I don't mind taking a small bite of the ones with lotus filling and a big egg yolk. I like the egg yolk more :)

    Mooncakes aren't cheap cheap these days. Saw mini sized ones with durian filling retailing at a whopping RM14!

  27. Lee,

    nutty mooncakes are not my cup of tea. hope you've a good one though. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  28. lina,

    how fortunate of you to get freebies. unfortunately, i don't receive these goodies from my biz associates anymore. that's why i've to dig deep into my pockets to savour these mooncakes. :(

  29. Mei,

    yeah, mooncakes ain't cheap nowadays. despite the overpriced delicacies, many people are still willing to spend money over them.

  30. i like mooncakes with lots of kuaci..

  31. I bought some too last weekend, lotus paste for B and pandan paste for me! :)

  32. Enjoy ur dessert sweetie, and hey it's already Wed! Time sure flies!

  33. So many choices every year, I'm enjoying as much as I could at this time annually. :)

  34. We hope you have a great Moon Festival, and enjoy your mooncakes :)

  35. Yum mooncakes.. I love them alot... But I didn't eat much of them this season. And the fact that my mom is diabetic, we try not to have all this in our house too...

  36. I do miss my ever so favorite red bean mooncake. I haven't had one for a VERY long time now =x.

  37. Looks yummy!!!
    I failed to search out moon cackes here in India :(