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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Captured in Black and White

I've to confess that I haven't been good at accepting and posting tags and I apologize to all my blogger friends who have been so supportive and kind to think of me. But this morning, Mariuca has presented me with a really fun tag which is just too cool to resist.

Here is a picture of my younger sister, Jen, and her beloved husband Wesley. This image was taken and edited by their good buddy Jonathan. I've always been fascinated by black and white pictures and it's a simplicity that never goes out of style. I love this picture because it has a feel of the romantic and sentimental touch, happy tunes of the couple. Wesley was the perfect listener, dedicated hubby, and comforting shoulder to cry on. It’s no wonder Jen is crazy about him.

} Start Copy

"A good Snapshot stops a moment from running away."

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant

} End of Copy

Copy the quotes above from start copy to end Copy.
Replace the Photograph with your own or your loves ones’ Black and White captured moments that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

This tag is open to anyone who wants to play. Have fun!

First Commenter - Mei Teng


  1. I like B&W photos. Simple and yet can be really beautiful.

    I hate tags so please do not tag me :)

  2. Mei Teng,
    you're my FC again. i guess nobody can beat you in this field. :)

    Yeah, B & W pics are pure beauty in every sense of the word.

    i dislike tags too but somehow, i find this tag so fun to play.

    no worries, i didn't tag you leh!

  3. I like the quotes. It brings a new perspective into photography to a non-photographer like me.

    Nice photo too.

  4. Lovely B&W photo. And they look like a very loving couple too. :)

  5. Nice B&W photo. Nice tag but I don't think I will do it. Mei Teng should do this tag since she loves photography : )

  6. Buzzing J,
    yeah, the quote fits perfectly! :)

  7. lina,
    they are a versatile couple and romance is what makes life extra special. :)

  8. foong,
    despite MT's passion for photography, there's absolutely no obligation to do tags.

  9. oh I'm doing this right now...haha!

    that's such a lovely pic!!! ;-)

  10. I like the quote. :) I love B&W pictures too.. :)

  11. it is indeed such a romantic photograph! :D

  12. i like black and white photo because it gives me nostalgic feelings.

  13. monica,
    i'll be right over to see yours. ;)

  14. cashmere,
    i agree, it's an awesome quote. I love the tones in the b&w.

  15. levian,
    i love this quirky, romantic photograph too.

  16. renaye,
    yeah, B&W pics usually bring nolstagic feelings down the memory lane. :)

  17. Hi dear! I'm here, so slow la connection yest and today! :(

  18. Thanks so much for being so speedy with this tag LR! I love BnW pics and your sis does look all lovey dovey with her hubby here! :):):)

  19. Have a lovely weekend! Dropped ec here today! :)

  20. I have no B&W photos with my hubby or son. :(

    I shall take some. :)

  21. I also have to take a B&W pic, because I was also tagged. Lol!!

    BTW I wish Jen & Wesley all the best :)

  22. Black and white? Now that's interesting! :D

  23. I agree with Mei teng, B&W are as sephia. As for the tags, I'm new to it and I don't like such with much work and input. This one is nice, monica tagged me and i'll do it later.

  24. mariuca,
    They r a lovey dovey couple who barely can take their hands off each other. :)

  25. ECL, JL,
    perhaps you can use Photoshop. there r many ppl doing it. You can alter color pictures to b&w pictures and you can even make pictures look as if it is taken from a long time ago by applying the sepia effect.


  26. tekkaus,
    u are welcome to play the tag if you're interested.

  27. ayie,
    seriously, i'm not into tags but this tag is too fun to give a miss.
    at times, i wonder how people come up with the cool looking sepia tone prints that is just so beautiful.

    happy weekend. :)

  28. hmp and you didn't put your photo =(
    (hiding like me!)

    I haven't worked on the tag (by monica) but i will later today hopefully.

    Happy monday to you!!

  29. Hi Ayie,
    the fact is I'm not photogenic, that's y u don't get to see many of my pics here. So I always look worse in photos than I really do.