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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sambal Assam Prawns

More often than not, my hubby had a sudden craving for something in particular and he's happy when his cravings are totally satisfied. I might not be the kitchen goddess wannabe, but at least there was going to be something on the menu to please his taste buds.

Prawn sambal happens to be one of the most appetizing meals at home. The one I love the most is my mother’s variation. I made this dish last Sunday, when my hubby hinted that he was craving for something hearty and spicy to boot, and this hit the spot. I suppose it must be the cold and gloomy weather and I guess anything spicy is a good comfort food when the weather gets cold. This delight used to be one of my all time favourite dishes but as I have slight allergies to prawns, I seldom eat them these days. Somehow, my taste buds were tickling for this dish, so I only took small portions of it. The meal was cooked in sambal paste and tamarind juice, an absolute good companion to white rice.

Here's my recipe below which is relatively easy and is a firm favourite at most homes.


300 g shrimps, shelled and deveined
2 dried chilies
1 fresh red chilies
3 shallots
2 pips garlic
1 teaspoon shrimp paste (belacan)
a dash of thick dark soya sauce
2 tbsps of tamarind pulp
sugar , salt and pepper to taste
4 tablespoons cooking oil

Methods :

1) Put all the paste ingredients in a blender with some water and grind into smooth thick paste, set aside.
2) Sieve the tamarind pulp, get rid of the seeds and set the juice aside.
3) Heat wok. Add oil and stir grinded paste until fragrant.
4) Toss in prawns but don't overcooked and add in tamarind juice. Continue to stir until prawns cooked and gravy thickens.
5) Salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

Dish out and serve with steamed rice.

First Commenter


  1. the photograph makes me drool big time right now! i love spicy food. you're just being modest, admit it, you're one awesome cook! :D

  2. spicy prawns!

  3. I'm going to Tesco first thing 2moro and buy some prawns! :)

  4. omg your prawn sambal looks so delicious!!

  5. levian,
    it's just a simple dish. believe me, i'm still trying to polish my cooking techniques. congrats for being my FC on my opening day! i'll put your avatar up. :):)

  6. Mei Teng,
    I love anything hot and spicy esp. Nyonya cuisine.

  7. lina,
    i personally like to buy food stuff from the wet market. you do need very fresh prawns for this dish.

  8. LR! I wan I wan to be ur FC one day lol! ;)

  9. I had prawns for dinner today LR, I love prawns however they're cooked! :):):)

  10. thanks! opening day for? you're having the FC hosted here as well? i've just noticed it from monica's place. is it a widget? i'm so interested! :D

  11. mariuca,
    no worries, you'll have your chance to chop, chop, chop. :)

  12. mariuca,
    too bad, i've slight allergies to prawns so I rarely eat them nowadays.

  13. levian,
    it was my opening day for hosting the first commenter for the very 1st time. it was mariuca who came up with the First club commenter idea. if you're interested, you can join the club too. it would be so much fun.

  14. So yummy, those sambal assam prawns! Definitely my favourite! : )

  15. Ayie,
    I love eating prawns too, especially fresh ones and the sea water ones.

  16. foong,
    this dish is one of my family's all time favourite.