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Friday, March 27, 2009

Jessica Cox, an inpiration

I came across this inspirational article, on Jessica Cox a few days ago. The motivational speaker was invited to Kuala Lumpur recently to deliver her speech, sharing about her memoirs of growing up and the various obstacles she has encountered along the way. What truly inspired me was Jessica, born without arms, was able to accomplish many tasks and goals in her life. Despite her handicap, this lady has proven that anything is possible if you have the courage to pursue your dreams. Having said that, I truly admire her courage, determination, work and strength of character to live her life with passion. It seems that she managed to lead a normal life in spite of her disabilities, how cool.

Can you imagine people fly a plane without arms? Check out this inspirational video on how Jessica Cox literally pilots a plane.

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  1. YAY! Lucky I am here early! :):):)

    Thanks for sharing LR, we all need a little something to inspire us every day. TGIF! :)

  2. Yes, she's an inspiration indeed! If someone with no arms can do this much, what about the rest of us.

  3. what an amazing woman! even if hands i can't find the courage to pilot a plane. a great role model indeed. :)

  4. Wahhhh! You post so early!! How to chop liddat? :P

  5. This woman is amazing! Some people might just go commit suicide if they lost both arms. :(

  6. oh darn because of being on satellite I don't dare watch any videos.

    But, my father-in-law who was a paraplegic, built his own small aircraft and flew all over in it.

    He did films for the military and also visited soldiers all over who were seriously injured in war to help them see that their lives were not over.

    So I know this has got to be a very inspirational piece!!

    Happy weekend,

  7. She's incredible! Very inspiring indeed! : )

  8. mariuca,
    finally you're my FC for this post.

  9. Mariuca,
    I was so inspired by her "adaptedness" in life. She didn't feel that she was a handicap, doing almost everything by herself.


  10. Mei Teng,
    Precisely, there's no reason for ppl like us are not able to do such things in life.

  11. levian,
    i'm such a scaredy cat. i don't have the guts to fly a plane even though i have complete arms.

  12. Ecl,
    u want to become my woodcutter too? it's so flattering to hear that. i'll let u know when i need your service. haha

  13. i know what u mean, ECL. It was difficult being different but she was born without arms since birth.

  14. JL,
    she's truly one heroine in the hearts of many.

  15. Jackie,
    Your father in law is such a capable person. His spirit and activism is something that should inspire all people.

    thanks for dropping by today.

    happy weekend.:)