Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, Malaysia

Monday, June 15, 2015

Our World - China Lane, Chengdu

A walk along the bustling street will reveal the daily life of the locals and the surviving culture of Chengdu. One most apparent place we visited was China Lane featuring an interesting blend of old and new architectural designs.

Some of the buildings were built in the style of the Qing Dynasty and there were corners which displayed the ancient times.

The streets are also adorned with an array of modern boutique shops, restaurants, tea houses and an occasional bar. Even Starbucks has a big presence here.

As we moved along, our eyes were attracted to these amazing wall art that framed the streets. If only those people can speak, I'm sure they have many interesting stories to share.

In a different corner, it's great to come across artists at work, some are pretty talented.

Everywhere in the street corner is populated with lots of these vendors. It's fun to see what the vendors are selling because things they have in other countries are so different than in our own. I approached the girl for a photo but unfortunately, she declined and covered her face.

It's also quite common to encounter these kind of coloured masks which typically depict well-known characters from the opera. Not my kind of thing but I enjoyed watching them during opera performances.

Here is a big panda bear welcoming everyone to the store. Too cute and I couldn't resist buying one as most everyone else seems to have done.



  1. Looks like a "happening" place. So different from the China we knew. Interesting place to visit.

  2. I really don't like seeing Starbucks or McDonald's in any cultural/historical destination. For me personally this ruins the vibe/ambiance, although my stomach and taste buds would welcome a piping hot Americano :)

  3. Beautiful and colorful images from China Lane.

  4. Yes, I would love to visit this place !! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Wonderful visit to China Lane. I like the look of the Starbucks there. The street vendors and masks are cool. Have a happy week!

  6. For me, China is always an interesting and great place to visit. Thanks for showing us these nice photos. Traveling Hawk aka adriana