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Sunday, October 7, 2012

OurWorld - Street scenes in Rome

When I travel to foreign places, I enjoy seeing what normal streets look like in other cities, behind the usual tourist attractions. Featured today is Rome, extremely rich in history and architectural beauty.

It's a great ancient city to explore and get lost in its charming narrow streets and alleys.

I had fun browsing through the stores for souvenirs.

Everywhere in the street corner is populated with lots of these vendors. It's interesting to observe people engaged in their daily routines.

 More often, you'll encounter many of this kind of artistic artwork throughout  Rome.

Here's one of the many lady beggars hoping for donation from kind strangers.

A bustling cafe in one of the city's remarkable piazzas.

 Some of the amazing buildings and endless rows of Roman columns built back then to glorify Rome and its empire.

Modern gladiators haunting the streets. For a fee tourists can get their picture taken with a costumed centurion.

And here's a large crowd of Romans and tourists gathering and relaxing while enjoying the cool evening breeze outside the Colosseum.

 Our World


  1. I also like walking around the normal street like this. It's very interesting to know about daily life in other countries because I can understand what they think.

  2. The Colosseum is such a beauty to behold..

  3. We call Rome the city that is an open air museum. We visited Rome last year and had fun.


  4. Bonza photos. Its so sad to see people still need to beg in this day and age to survive.

  5. Good series, Life Ramblings! It reminds me of my vacation in Rome, some years ago. I also like to wander on streets, curious to see round the corners!

  6. Finally you are back! How's the house getting along? Everything completed?

    Hear so much about the beautiful city of Rome. Would love to see it one day and do as the Romans do. haha...

  7. The Colosseum is Awesome..guess every country would have their own kind of beggars. Nice country to visit.

  8. Hi ECL,

    The work performed on my home has been almost completed and everything I requested was done to my liking. Thanks for your kind concern.

    I think everyone should pay a visit to Italy at least once in their lifetime. The rich culture, colourful lives, fascinating history and amazing architecture just blows you away. I’d love to return to Rome again someday.

  9. Oh of course! It's nice to walk down a strange city street and see what the buildings look like and what the locals are up to he he...

  10. I want to go souvenir shopping too! ;)

  11. A very beautiful city. My dream destination.

  12. I love this post! I also love seeing how the little streets look, along with normal houses, train stations, shops and schools. I agree with you, these streets are just charming! Thanks for taking us off the beaten, well-worn tourist path LR!!

  13. It's fun to see what the vendors are selling because things they have in other countries are so different than in our own. Those narrow European streets are so unique. We call them alleys here.