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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our World - Singapore Zoo

One of the top tourist attractions in Singapore is the Zoo. This is our second trip to this place in the last decade and it was just as enjoyable and fun as our first visit.

A far cry from most of the depressed zoo animals around the world, the Singapore Zoo is clean, well-organised, the enclosures are large and the animals look happy and peaceful within the cageless environment.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see many live shows but we managed to take tons of pictures and were able to explore the zoo for about 3-4 hours before the rain started.

Here are some highlights of our trip.

From the moment we walked in, a group of cotton top tamarins with their white mohawk hairstyle caught my eye. I like the look of them but they were very fast-moving. I spent a long time trying to get a decent photo and I managed to take a couple of shots when this one sat still for about 3 seconds.

Not far from the tamarins are the colourful parakeets. They are very sweet and playful, but they can be shy and a little cautious at times.

We made our way to see the delightful flamingos. I can't remember what species this is but it 's really cool to see them roaming around in their natural habitat.

Whilst wandering around the various enclosures we also came across this white-handed gibbon who was a very co-operative model and couldn't resist a photo op.

The close up encounters with the Orang Utans are a wonderful experience. They are lovely mammals and it's really amazing that you're allowed to stand next to them to take photos.

Some freaky reptiles like snakes and lizards are behind glass, but even so they live within a natural environment. While I'm not particularly fond of these reptiles, it is still fascinating to get a glimpse of them.

The Singapore Zoo is also home to an Australian Outback exhibit. Not only it is endorsed by the late Steve Irwin, it's also a favourite of the Animal Planet when they're shooting documentaries and shows. There is also a great tribute to Steve Irwin with some photos of him living his life and doing the things he loved.

Our next stop was the Indian Star Tortoises. We noticed one male attempting to mate with a female several times but it didn't last long. After several minutes of attempting to mate they decided to watch us instead. Eventually the tortoises grew tired of us and together, moved away probably in search of some privacy. lol

Other highlights include the komodo dragons of different species. They were huge, muscular and well-fed. Getting as close as I could, I began snapping away with my camera getting some interesting photos and this is one of my favourite shots.

For anyone with the slightest interest in animals, you'll love the Singapore Zoo. It's worth the visit.

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  1. I remembered the ten years ago because I went to this park.
    It's a great place although Singapore is a small island.

  2. Bonza photos. My favourites are the cute Orangutans, snakes and lizards and the powerful Komodo Dragon :-).

  3. I think this is one of the best Zoo from the world

  4. The Orang Utans are cute. Wow love the Indian Star Tortoises they are really a star quite pretty designs.

  5. Hi sweetie! Dropping by this public holiday woo hoo!

  6. I hear the Singapore Zoo is awesome but we didn't get to visit here on our last trip..

  7. So I'm glad you shared your awesome pics for us to see and maybe we'll squeeze in the zoo on our next visit! :)

  8. Yes, our Singapore Zoo is a world class attraction, a must-visit for all visitors. I love to bring my overseas friends to the Zoo and don't forget the Night Safari!

  9. Oh dear, it was raining when you had your holiday in Singapore. Well, luckily the weather is cooler.

  10. It looks as if the Singapore Zoo is really wonderful. You got some great pictures. The picture of the Komodo Dragon is fantastic, as is your picture of the Orangutans.

  11. I love zoos! And this one looks like a great one! Love all your captures of the animals! Delightful! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  12. Wonderful shots of the zoo. Would love to visit.

  13. Very nice photos, and i love the design on the tortoises. Apparently, they haven't get used to be intimate with a lot of onlookers.

  14. Wonderful experience to see this zoo. Animals are healthy.

  15. Such colorful exotic birds, amazing reptiles and mammals … I wonder if they enjoy looking at us as much as we like looking at them. I remember Steve Irwin well and marveled at his love of all creatures. :)

  16. What great shots. Love the Komodo dragons and the monkeys.

  17. Now that is one place in Singapore I have not been in, the Botanical Gardens, many times but not the zoo.
    Thank you for taking me there.

  18. Good and colorful photos! I like the parrots and the first monkey.

  19. It is a nice zoo housing interesting creatures. Love the tortoises... they're too cute!

  20. these are marvelous photos! i love your capture of the orangutans---their expressions are priceless! oh, beautiful animals. going to the zoo makes me sad, i feel sorry for the animals in captivity. but i guess, a lot of them have a bigger chance of survival here than in the wild.

  21. The orangutans are not shy about being watched. Nice to see a tribute to Steve Irwin.

  22. Ooo, my friend,
    Wonderful photos!!!
    I'm sorry for the rain..
    Is very nice there, paradise!!!
    Best regards

  23. Wonderful post! and beautiful photos :)


  24. What stunning photos! We visited the zoo in 1999 but our photos were in a bag that was stolen after our trip!! I like your photos of the reptiles! I loved all the different species of the monkeys at Singapore Zoo!