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Monday, August 1, 2011

My World - Mengkuang Dam Penang

We made our way to Mengkuang Dam in Penang mainland last weekend.

It will be closed to the public for five years starting from today, August 1st 2011 until July 31st, 2016 for expansion and renovation.

D90 078
Many people flocked to the dam to savour the last few days to enjoy the view and appreciate the beauty before it closed. The place is a popular recreational spot and it offers a serene view and a nice jogging track along the dam.

D90 069
From here, you can get a good view of the park. Spotted this fella sitting alone on the bank, perhaps reminiscing the good old days before the closure of the place.

D90 109
An idyllic walk along the path, one can see the 37ha Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest, forming a majestic backdrop for the dam.

D90 132
As we wandered around, we stopped at various points of the trek to take photos. There were bursts of greenery to discover around every corner.

D90 156
The flower and the bee (or wasp?) are a perfect match.

Penang 036
A monitor lizard sat in silence as we passed by.

D90 060
The touch-me-not plants scattered along the grassy carpet were a picture of grace.

D90 143
In a thick forest of leaves, you will have no trouble spotting creeping vines of wild grapes.

D90 144
Along the way, spotted these dogs begging to be photographed.

D90 099
As we made our way back, we paused over the lakeside to enjoy the watery view for the last time before the park reopened again in the next few years.

D90 206
I enjoyed this park for years and it was a great weekend getaway to bring the kids. We hope to see it up and running again. It is such a great family park and I hope that sitting spot is still someplace sitting pretty when I come back.

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  1. Was thinking hard about it the name of this dam some time ago but the grey matter inside the thick skull just dont cooperate..ta da. How glad could see it today. Jog there once with a friend and his dad. Lovely place..Nice touch me not flower pix long time didnt see this kind already.

  2. What a beautiful place and I'm sure it will be missed over the next five years! Your captures are marvelous -- the next best thing to being there! Love the dogs! Hope you have a great week!


  3. Never been to this dam before - looks beautiful! : )

  4. it looks so well maintained and so up to date but i guess there is always room for upgrade.

    what a lovely spot to spend a day.

  5. Fantastic photos, i get the impression that Mengkuang Dam Park is very calm and serene place to be. I like the photo of the touch me not plant great colour :-).

  6. What a gorgeous place to wander! So sad that it is closing to the public! Your photos are a great tribute to this lovely world!

  7. Lovely photos of your park. It looks like a beautiful place to walk. Wonderful photos.

  8. those are lovely photos of a lovely park. We have the same vegetation, i wish our nature parks are not as populated as yours!

  9. Beautiful shots of the place. An ideal place to relax.

  10. Adoi! Going to tutup soon? You really brightened my eyes big! I went there when it was newly opened and there was no grass then! Now it is so GREEN and nice.

  11. What a marvellous place! Such a shame it will be shut for so long.

  12. it's a lovely park and regulars here would surely miss the place.

  13. Such green and refreshing photos! I'm glad that you were able to visit the dam one last time - good memories for you and your family.

  14. Oh this is also a new place to me ha ha, truly a green area and perfect for your picture-taking skills! ;)

  15. Yikes, if I had seen that huge rusty monitor lizard, I'll surely run a mile, as far away as possible oh my! ;)

  16. The lake looks really gorgeous and serene, nice to bring my laptop there and blog amidst the view and surroundings, love it! :)

  17. It looks exquisite where you live LR! I love that part of the world for its climate and greenery. It's quite a renovation if it's taking 5 years! Wow.