Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, Malaysia

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cannonball tree flowers

Penang 093
While taking a walk along the trail in Penang Botanic Garden, I spotted several flowers of the cannonball trees blooming along the pathway.

Penang 094
It flowers in all its glory all year round.

Penang 100
Unlike anything I've experienced before, I found myself smelling the fragrant blossoms over and over again. Trust me, the scent of the flowers are so refreshing and pleasurable, possibly superior to many commercial perfumes I've encountered!

Penang 106
The tree was named the cannonball tree for a good reason because of its brown cannon-ball-like fruits.

Penang 098
Both the fruit and the flower grow from stalks which sprout from the trunk of the tree.

Penang 149
From another perspective, I found this tree with long dangling branches to be bizarre and creepy, which kinda reminds me of Medusa of Greek myth.

Penang 153
Although the tree was said to have originated from South America, it has great sacred and religious significance to Buddhists and Hindus.

Penang 155
And here's young cannonballs beginning to sprout.

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  1. The flowers of this special tree are spectacular!

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    And what an unusual tree.

  3. Wow, this flowers.
    Thank you for sharing this interesting trees.
    Have a nice sunday.

  4. very interesting and informative. i've never seen nor heard of this tree/flower before. i love the flowers and i bet as you said, smells refreshing!

  5. Very unique and interesting flowers.
    I enjoyed.

  6. Thanks for sharing this most unusual tree with us. I had not heard of the Cannonball Tree before. The flowers are very beautiful.

  7. Loved seeing these details! The flowers are very beautiful!!

  8. I have never seen this tree before. Great captures.

  9. So interesting!Never heard about this tree. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. What you saw on my blog was only half of the post (because of blogger problems last days). If you want, see it again, now it is complete.

  10. What a beautiful flower and different. I think you've seen something similar at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, percursso that I get to the airport, but I approached for a closer look. In fact when the branches on the trunk seem enrroscam a jellyfish. Congratulations on your series of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  11. what an amazing tree and flower! the details are simply gorgeous. and the tree is strange and interesting.

    Live in the Moment

  12. I've never heard of these and they are wonderful and you captured them beautifully!

    Carletta's Captures

  13. Fantastic photos, i was surprised to read that this Cannoball Tree flowers all year round as plants only usually flower during certain periods of the year, i can safely say i've learnt something today. My favourite photo this time round is the Medusa of Greek Myth very scary and the stuff of nightmares :-).

  14. Beautify & special flowers :-)


  15. Very interesting... I've never EVER seen anything like that Cannonball tree... That is amazing... Thanks for sharing.

  16. Such a fascinating tree. I had never heard of it before so thank you for sharing. It does have beautiful flowers.

  17. I've never seen this tree before - gorgeous details of the blossoms!

  18. Okay, so now I want one of these in MY yard. How so very unique and so very pretty!!

    Here's an open invitation to view my 'legendary' MERMAID'S PURSE...a sea 'oddity'. If you have time...come on over for a visit!!

    Have a super Monday.

  19. I have to say the tree itself is rather rangy and ugly but those flowers it produces are exotically beautiful. I had not heard of the Cannonball tree so this was very interesting to read.

  20. That is one of the most beautiful and interesting blossoms I have ever seen. Terrific shots with such great detail.

  21. Fantastic series of wonderful flowers!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I would like you to become a Guest Friend in TODAYS FLOWERS.
    If you agree send me pictures so I tell your Guest Friend date.



  22. I'll join the chorus -- never heard of the Cannonball Tree before; but I'm sure glad I came here to enjoy your wonderful shots!

  23. Wow, so beautiful! I can imagine that it smells quite stunning. Great close up shots!