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Monday, July 27, 2009

Going Organic

My 3 kids seem to be slightly allergic to cow's milk from an early age. If they drink lots of them, they will develop a rattly chest and cough the following week. I'm also concerned about all the synthetic hormones in their milk and how it's effecting the children in the long run.

As my No. 3 reached 2 years of age, I've started giving her organic oat milk as alternative to cow's milk. Thank goodness, she likes the taste of it and it's worth looking into as another source of calcium as organic oat milk does eliminate a couple of the concerns raised. So far, she eats solids well and I try giving her yogurt, leafy green vegetables and other wholesome food in her diet.

For years, I've been drinking a mug of organic oat milk too to kick start my day and so does my hubby. The grain is simply nutritious and rich in fibre that contains all the natural minerals. My No.1 and No.2 prefer soy milk though as the smooth creamy taste is awesome. Ever since they take organic, they are healthy and vigorous with no health problems. This is one reason why taking organic is such a boost to health. They're costly though but I'd rather pay more money to be healthy.

Here's my little princess sitting and gleefully posing for the camera with 2 tins of organic products.

First Commenter - Mei Teng


  1. I was tempted to try this organic oat milk but have yet to purchase it. What does it taste like?

  2. Mei Teng,
    Oat milk is quite thick and has a slightly sweet, creamy taste. It really makes a delicious breakfast beverage. For the price of this product, it's RM69 (850g).

  3. Really? Your kids are allergic to Cow's milk? Then how about other dairy products? They will develop ratty chest and cough? My...then they should avoid all dairy products at all cost o. Better safe than sorry right?

  4. Yeah! I have heard a lot of dark tales about cow milks. And with the recent Melamin case, I believe we should be on guard with what we are giving our children. I'm worried for my babies too (future babies :p).

  5. Yeah! Oat milk and soya milk are surely better source of calcium compared to cow milk right? Besides we can have better peace of mind. I think I should switch my wife's milk to oat milk too. :D

  6. Awww....your little princess is so adorable. I wish I could have my babies soon. LOL :P

  7. Hi Life Ramblings, you sure got one real cute daughter and obviously has her mom's good looks too.
    Bet beauty runs in your family too.
    Regret she does go well with cow's milk.
    But there always other substitute equally good.
    You have a great week, and keep well, Lee.

  8. Tekkaus,
    at an early age, my kids have experienced recurring bouts of bronchitis, asthma or runny rose and I try very hard to avoid all allergens in their diets especially eggs, soy, peanuts, chocolates, fish,etc. it's only by the age of 5, my 2 elder kids grew out of their allergy.

    best of all, tell your wifey to breastfeed your future child. breast milk is ultimately the best source of nutrition for a new baby.

    oat milk definitely tastes better than cow's milk.

    btw, all the best in baby making. :)

  9. Lee,
    thanks for your kind thoughts and such nice compliments. :)

    precisely, there are numerous healthy alternatives to cow's milk.

    have a fabulous week and you keep well too.

  10. cow's milk in malaysia smells and taste weird.

    RYC: yup. that's me. :) thanks!

  11. it is good to know that your children are doing well now. :) kept me wondering why the allergy. newer generation seemed to be milk, while ours mostly on nose.

  12. Have not tried much organic stuff...Only tried kiwis and black garlic. Maybe will try also organic oat milk next time. :D

  13. Life Ramblings,
    Yes, now more and more people like to eat organic food, milk for healthy reason.
    I think I have to eat more.
    Life Ramblings, I have the cute award for you, please come to take it if you are free.
    Happy blogging and have the nice day.

  14. Lactose intolerants? It is quite common I guess...

    I am glad I am not allergic to milk or dairy products.

    I heard once from somewhere that people who are lactose intolerant are normal and those who are able to handle lactose are abnormal. Also something about, if we drink too much cow's milk, we might end up having runny nose in the morning or somewhat because, cows' nose are always wet in order for them to moisture the grass they munch in the morning. So if we drink too much milk, we might end up like them too.

    Gosh, and I love milk! o_o

  15. Hi renaye,
    switch to o/oatmilk. it will be one of the best changes you ever make. :)

  16. levian,
    Milk is one of the most common food allergens particularly for kids.

  17. i agree with u, Dora. Kiwis and black garlics are loaded with good properties which benefit health in every way.

  18. coolingstar9,
    it's not entirely easy or cheap to go completely organic, but I have made the switch with some food we eat frequently.

    thanks for the award. :)

  19. ladyviral,
    it seems like a lot of people are intolerant of a lot of different things these days. we've been drinking oatmilk for a very long time. i prefer it to cow's milk.

  20. Organic oat milk sounds quite nice actually! Good to see you're going organic with your kids too. :)

  21. Thanks for dropping by my blogs yesterday, I was down with no connection! ;)

  22. Hi Ramblings!! there's your cutie again!!! i want to hug her and pinch her cheeks!

    we can never compromise our kid's health so even if it's a lot more expensive than the regular milks out there...their safety still is the big consideration!