Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation, Malaysia

Friday, June 5, 2009

Farm Tour

For our recent holiday, I booked an apartment for one night at Tringkap, Cameron Highlands (CH) through our good old friend Andrew. The apartment has three bedrooms and is well furnished with ceramic flooring, a fully fitted kitchen complete with dishwasher, fridge-freezer and all basic utensils. The dining hall is equipped with a TV as well as a very comfortable three seater sofa and a two seater.

A visit to CH seemed like the perfect kick off to our family getaway. I was more than thrilled when Andrew graciously invited us to visit his fruits and vegetable farms at Tringkap. So, with no time to lose, we all piled into his vegetable truck and trundled up the hill. It was a rough ride through the curving, narrow and undulating roads that passed through the farms which has resulted an epic pain in the butt for all of us.

Anyway, it was a rewarding experience having to see the vast expanse of vegetable farms with a stunning landscape. Incase you are wondering, many such farms across CH welcome visits from tourists everywhere. Those farmers that welcome visitors will normally advertise, either in the local media, or through adverts in local shops. In this case, I happened to be visiting my friend Andrew last weekend and stopped in to meet his family and toured his farm. They are leasing around 20 acres of some of the most stunning farm land in Tringkap. They have lush green meadows, big trees, a small creek and a pond, a few barns and a pretty farm house.

Suffice to say, the farm visit was quite an eye-opener and definitely worth visiting. Before we leave the place, Andrew generously offered us an abundance of free fresh produce from his farm. I just want to thank him again for his kind generosity and hospitality throughout our entire stay in Tringkap.

Here are some snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

it was incredible seeing rows and rows of vegetables as far as the eye can see.

Vegetable farms are located throughout the highlands and you will see numerous farms all the way from here to Tringkap and beyond.

Everywhere I turned, I noticed varieties of green or something just as satisfying to the eye. I just couldn't resist taking pictures. They are so eye catching.
Most farmers will either walk up the hill (they can really walk), driving old Land Rovers or taking bike rides as means of transportation to their respective farms.

we went for a stroll within the farm. The main fruit and vegetable crops grown in the farm include mustard green, cabbages, maizes, butternut pumpkin, green peas, oranges, french beans, tomatoes and some herb plants.
butternut pumpkin
a corn field

unriped tomatoes

machinery used in farming. the field was rather thick mud, making it difficult to walk

a small creek

orange tree

This is Andrew's adorable daughter, Kim. Now, do you have any idea what she's pointing at?

Look, it is an icky, sticky, creepy crawlie. You should have seen me screamed inside. Ewwwwww

my little princess with Kim and her brother, Ken sitting in the vege truck

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  1. Yeah! FC!
    I went to Cameron Highlands in my teens. But didn't get to see anything. :(

  2. I had motion sickness and was sleeping in the hotel. Next morning, I left for KL. What a pity!

    I'm going back to CH again. :D

  3. I visited on recently and will be visiting two farms this weekend!

    Farm visits are nice especially for city folks like us.

  4. ECL,
    when are you coming up to CH? Come next week lah. :D

  5. Yeah, farms are nice. Looking forward to my visit next week. :)

  6. The farm looks great, so green and cool ECL! It's been years since i've visited CH. Thanks for sharing the pics sweetie. :):):)

  7. greens, n lots of greens! it is so cool to visit places different from our daily view. :)

  8. congrats ECL, for being my FC today. :)

    i've experienced motion sickness too. it is common and may occur on diff modes of travel. i alwiz make it a point to avoid eating heavily before i travel esp rich, acidic, oily and spicy food. a light meal is best.

    i bet there's alwiz a next time to visit CH. perhaps you can join lina next week. hehe

  9. Mei Teng,
    how fascinating. take me with you this weekend, if you can. :D

  10. have fun lina. i'll look forward to your stories n pics. have a safe journey to CH.

  11. you're most welcome Mariuca. it's worth making a trip. there are so many things to do and see there.

  12. levian,
    yup, it's a great place with so much greenery in a laid back atmosphere. :)

  13. FC!!
    *dance around*

    I quickly went to Lina's blog to comment on her CH trip. Hope she allows me to be her light bulb. haha....

  14. I hope I will have overcome my motion sickness then. :)

  15. Very nice photos! I like those greeneries that spread as far as the eyes could see.

    Been a long time since I visited Cameron Highlands. When I visited it last time many years ago, it was very cold! But I don't think it's that cold anymore right? Genting Highland is colder now.

  16. The kids are adorable, so cute! It's a nice experience for them to be exposed in such places too. The greens are very relaxing to the eyes. The air must be so fresh there! I love the creek photo, so clear!

  17. I love the veggie rows very much. To be honest it's even better than the posh hotels in Genting. XD

  18. ECL,
    a toast to you for being my FC. so when can i be your FC??? hehe

    i believe lina would be much obliged to have u around anywhere. :)

  19. foong,
    thanks, i'm glad you liked the pics.
    the weather varies from time to time. yup, it can be pretty humid and warm but at times you can feel the cool breeze which has kept it all pleasant. u still need to take a blazer though as the weather can be extremely cold at night.

  20. Ayie,
    there are much more greeneries in my upcoming posts. i'll be posting them up real soon.

    the kids had so much fun and it was a great exposure indeed. the pic of the creek was taken when we were half way down to foothill.

  21. JL,
    i love the rows of veggies too. but whylah of all places u wanna compare with the posh hotels in genting?

  22. Great shots of the farmland. I enjoy driving around rural areas and it's interesting to see what they are like in different places. These look like very productive farms.

  23. Have not been to Cameron for a long time. Must make a trip there one day.

  24. Would you believe I've never been to Cameron Highlands?

    And that creepy crawlie would knock me out in fright ... LOL!

  25. The last time I been to a farm was....last year. To my aunt's farm in Johor. But it is completely different from the one you have visited. :D

  26. carver,
    it's one of the most productive farms in the area. some of the farmlands are ideal for cultivation of strawberries, english vegetables and other herbs.

  27. molly,
    there r many rapid changes in CH. it's like now you don't see it, now you do.:)

  28. nick,
    as they say, there's no place like home. HA!

    how could a spaceman like you be a SCAREDY CAT, eh?

  29. Good morning Ramblings! Oh I mean Good evening there!

  30. tekkaus,
    This is one of many subdivided plots of farmland where farmers raise vegetables for sale at local markets.

  31. aha! staying up late dearie? buenas diaz and hope you rest soon. =)

  32. Ayie,
    it's not my usual practice to stay up late, i'm not a night owl. :D it's so happen that i had a nap this afternoon, so i couldn't sleep now.

  33. wow...I love all yr pics sweetie! and the kids are adorable :-)

  34. thanks Monica. i just couldnt resist taking pics of the kids, they r cute indeed.

  35. We're the same, I'm not used on taking naps but when I slept for some reason...the night sleep will be affected. It's nice to catch you up right now...only 9:41am here monday.

  36. Good morning Ayie! i'm about to log off now. it's getting late. i'll visit you 2mr. bye.

  37. Okies, goodnight to you...thanks for the chat! No worries, visit anytime. =)

    Hi Monica! saw you here a while ago too...

  38. Ayie,
    thanks for the chat too. i appreciate your time here. :)