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Monday, May 2, 2011

My World - Memories of London

It has been great to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate recently and having seen the live coverage on TV certainly brought back wonderful flashbacks of my first visit to London several years ago.

Here are some photos from my trip for your viewing pleasure.

The year was 2004 and I was among one of those people who stood in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace. Not as a royal guest but as a tourist.

The large memorial in front of Buckingham Palace is called the Queen Victoria Memorial. It was also an ideal spot to view the changing of the guard performance at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived and the ceremony didn't take place at all and I was naturally disappointed. :(

As the weather wasn't the greatest, we weren't able to take many good pictures.
However, here are some of my best shots.

The London Eye.

North side of Westminster Abbey.

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

St. Paul's Cathedral

An unknown structure. I don't remember the name of this building.

And last but not least, here's the Tower Bridge, one of the many awe-inspiring beautiful landmarks that made me fall so truly, madly, deeply in love with London. A piece of my heart still remains there. The rain finally stopped and I managed to find a flat surface to secure my camera when I took this photo. I was glad with the way it turned out.

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  1. London is such a great city to visit. :)

  2. Is it just me or I did saw some "black flame" in the first picture on the bottom right? *gasp* Hope I am wrong. :(

  3. Haha :D The London eye reminds me of the one we HAD in Malacca.

  4. Westminster Abbey looks very ancient. No restoration being done with the paintings? :p

  5. Tower Bridge is an icon for London right? It has been featured in a lot of films, has been immortalized! :D

  6. I always loved London. It is a beautiful city!

  7. Lovely London. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  8. thank you for the lovely tour. i hope someday i'd get to see these structures with my own eyes.

  9. Beautiful images of London. Architectural marvel.

  10. Thank you for sharing this superb pictures from London.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful tour of London. I haven't been there for many, many years, long before the London Eye was built.

  12. Ha ha I love seeing all your London pics and hey, you did get some great shots here! :)

  13. How nice to be in London during the royal wedding right? I'm sure you watched it on TV, it was a wonderful ceremony. I got up 'early' to make sure I caught the love show ha ha.. :)

  14. HOpe u had a great long weekend, back to work! ;)

  15. Fantastic photos! What a great tour of London you've taken us on! Terrific! Have a wonderful week!


  16. As usual your photos are fantastic i especially like the last one of the Tower Bridge with the spot lights shining on the towers then reflecting them off the Thames River :-).

  17. London for ever, my dear friend !!!
    I'm very glad to see you again!
    Fantastic photos of London !!!!
    Is so beautiful destination !!!
    Many greetings and kisses

  18. Magnificent series full of sensitivity. I love the textures and frames and clean tones. Greetings

  19. So many nice buildings in London! I want to visit! : )

  20. Great pictures. And no matter what the weather is like, London is a great city to explore.

    Tower Bridge lit up at night is fantastic sight.

  21. Nice photos from a city I love, Life Ramblings!

  22. Tekkaus,
    I think that must be some sort of vapour caused by the rain. perhaps someday I'll Photoshop it, but it stays for now.

    yup, the Abbey is extremely ancient and as far as i know, it has been rebuilt and further restored several times, the latest in 2008. I'd love to come back to the Abbey and leisurely browse through all its relics and paintings but during this trip it was a tad bit rushed since we only had a few hours before rushing back to the airport.

  23. I absolutely love the light and perspective in the image of the Tower Bridge. Gorgeous!

  24. These are all beautiful photos. Wishing someday that I'll be able to visit this place.

    Happy weekend. :)

  25. Lovely photos!! Your photo of St Pauls is exquisite!

    That is the London Trocadero in the next photo. Lovely from the outside but a horrible cheesy games centre and entertainment centre inside.

  26. It looks like it was a bit cloudy during your visit

  27. The old time's charm of that place is very captivating!