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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seafood Dinner

With the recent festival has just gone by, the next is here for us to celebrate and this time round, it's the festival of lights. My sister came home from K.L. for a few days in view of the festive break. Enjoying a great gathering with family is delightful especially when my sister is around.

Last night, we had a seafood dinner at the downtown of Bedong which is within the vicinity of Alor Setar. My parents and another sister joined us too. It was my first time patronizing this restaurant.

This is a siakap fish with 3 flavoured sauce which is tasty and appetising indeed. We all loved this dish. This siakap fish was exquisite with its tantalizing sauce, adding excellent flavour to the fish.

Another delicate and flavourful dish were the spare ribs, coated with a sweet and slightly sour glaze.The sauce was just the perfect combination of sweet and sour, enticing you back for more.

As for this serving, nothing too special about it although it's their signature dish. It's rather dissapointing in flavour. Somehow the prawns were huge, really fresh and spingy. We thought that it is going to be a yummy treat that we will fall in love with just the first sip. Unfortunately, the soup was spicy, not rich in flavour and tasted fiery to us, so it has to be thumbs down from me. :(

This is stir fried spicy padi frog with crunchy cashew nuts simmered in a spectacular and spicy heavy sauce, with ginger, dried chilli and chilli padi, topped with loads of spring onions. It tasted quite good.

The assorted seafood in claypot was rather so-so in flavour with fish maw, squids, mushrooms, scallops, fattchoys and abalones. There wasn't much of a splendid taste from this delicacy that I have tasted in other restaurants. The gravy was slightly salty for my liking but those who prefer salty in flavour with their plain white rice will apppreciate it.

Usually, when we go out for meals, we scarcely order any sambal stir fried vegetables as my kids can’t take spicy food. But my sister was craving for a sambal stir fried asparagus. Everything goes best with sambal but too bad that my kids don’t really appreciate it.

Overall, I might consider patronizing other restaurants next time. Their service wasn’t up to our expectation too. It took them a quite long time to serve our food. I have tried some of other restaurants but never had the opportunity to blog about it. Somehow, I managed to get a quick shot of these pictures. But of course, we had a great time chatting and hanging out together.

My hubby foots the bill and the total comes to RM121 for 8 hungry adults with 2 kiddos.

overall food rating:2/5


  1. Maybe u should try one restaurant at Simpang Kuala. restaurant name is Idaman Kuala.. not bad there..i like eat seafood at alor setar because there got fresh fish...

  2. That is a yummy and economical seafood meal! It would cost me about S$200 for that!

  3. I think I like the siakap fish and the spare ribs though I didn't taste it! The price is considered cheap if you compare to the same kind of food in KL. Sometimes getting to chat with family members over a meal is really nice and enjoyable even if the food is not up to par. Of course, if the food is good as well, that'll really be a night to remember! : )

  4. Yummy! I missed all the nice seafood in Malaysia... Can you send some here? LoL

  5. azlan,
    thanks for the recommendation.

    seafood in malaysia is undoubtedly cheaper than singapore. :)

    hope you have a good week too.

  6. foongpc,
    i missed those tempting aromas of the freshly cooked seafood in kepong and bangsar but i can't recall the names of the restaurant.

  7. LR,
    Your making me hungry .... :|

    Verification Code: Surbo

  8. Wow..
    what a treat!all those photos are making me hungry. I'm a seafood lover.
    Btw, thanks for the nice words about my mother's health.
    Take care :]

  9. ichigonad,
    haha! really??

    apparently it is.

    hope your mom will get well soon.

  10. so cheap, huh?! I love seafood too!! :-D

  11. monica,
    looks like we have another seafood lover here. welcome to the seafood club.