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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is around the corner but it has never been a Malaysian affair despite the various spooky celebrations which held in clubs annually.

I've never been to a Halloween party, that is because it's not in our culture of doing this. As believable as it sounds, it's not a common practise here for children to go "trick or treating" around the community or engaging in any other Halloween activities.

On the other hand, I've always wondered how it's like to be celebrating the occasion and donning some of those masquerade masks and costumes. It's unimaginable to dress as someone else. Needless to say, Halloween celebration is incomplete without the peculiar costumes that mark the freaky event.

As I was browsing the net this morning, I came across the website of Costume Cauldron which is an online store for kids and adults. From kids' adorable costumes to hot, sexy adult costumes, you'll be amazed at the extensive variety of outfits to select from. If you're keen in fashion or want to come up with something unique, then this website is a recommended visit.

In conjunction of Halloween, Nuffnang (my blog advert company) and Nokia are collaborating to mark the first festivity of this special occasion. As you can notice the banner below, it would be a night of Silent Halloween. You might wonder how this occasion could possibly be silent? It's going to be Malaysia's first SILENT dance party with handphones and headphones plugged in and dancing. If you’re selected, you’ll be sent an invitation email along with a link to download music tracks for the Silent Dance Party onto your phone or any other mobile music devices. That’s if you’re invited.

As fun as this may sound, I don't look forward to such events as I'm not a party animal in any way. Even if I'm invited, I'll not be going either as it won't be an interesting affair for me when I can't get my kids into the groove. After all, Nuffnang is giving only 2 free tickets to lucky winners.

There are various cool prizes to be won from the night such as the Nokia Music XpressMusic Phones, Nokia N96, Universal Music CDs and many more!

To those who are invited to the party, have fun and be safe. Happy Halloween!


  1. silent dancing.
    Hmm ... people come up with the weirdest things.

    Seeing a bunch of people moving around without music?
    Might as well go to midvalley and look at the people who shop inside of carrefoure. :P

  2. I was thinking of going but my dearest mom will be here, so forget it! :-D

  3. ichigonad,
    haha, in today's fast changing world, anything is possible.

    i'm sure it's going to be an awesome event when famous bloggers like kenny sia and cheeserland are expected to blast the party.

  4. monica,
    that's too bad .........but there's always a next year.

  5. I didn't know about this event until I read at some blogs. Anyway, I'm not a member of Nuffnang and don't intend to be. Well, for those who are invited, have fun!

  6. foongpc,
    sounds like you are a loyal member of adverlets. hehe ....i guess different people have different preferences in life.

  7. oh ... famous bloggers ... that an extra initive ... :P

    Nah ... I still think looking at people shopping in midvalley is much more fun.


  8. ichigonad,
    such events are not my cup of tea let alone, a silent dance party. i'd rather sit at home with a good book or the TV for companion.

  9. For the Chinese we celebrate Ghost festival (7th lunar month) in a different way. We respect and give offerings to appease the spirit.

    For Halloween, it is just a fun occasion. I organised a Halloween party once for the kids in my neighbour hood. Nobody turned up. hehe.... their parents didn't allow them to celebrate. So it was just my son and students who had a fun time.

  10. ECL,
    most chinese here would celebrate hungry ghosts' festival in a large scale too. however, halloween is never an asian thing and this event is mainly observed by the western countries.

  11. Actually, I intend to pull Advertlets out of my blog too. Cos I think Google Adsense is the best. But I want my personal blog to be free from ads that's why didn't want to put in Adsense. I may start a second blog later and put in Adsense.

  12. foongpc,
    yeah, almost any site you visit will have some Adsense advertisements on it.

    My friend told me that this program is awful and bound to leave many newbies in dissapointment. They will close your account due to invalid clicks from other people, and keep your money.

    however, i'm not sure whether such statements are true. this is merely his opinion.

    on the other hand, i've heard from some bloggers that nuffnang is reliable in the payout issues, that's why i joined.

    wish you success on your 2nd blog.

  13. Yes it's true. Google Adsense is very strict so if you have a blog and you wish to put in Adsense, do not let family members or friends know about your blog, or else they might start clicking on the ads. When Adsense discovers that your ads get clicked many times by people in the same area eg. KL, they will assume that you purposely get your friends to click your ads, so they will ban you. To Google, your ad must be clicked by people from different parts of the world, and not solely from one place.