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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exam Blues

The exams are approaching and as usual, my kids scarcely worry about their exams these days. When I try to explain the philosophy of exams, their heads will start spinning and eyes rolling towards all directions. he he....It seems like the kids aren’t nervous and feel intense at all.

In today's fast-paced world, every parents want their kids to be competent and efficient in order to strive good grades in school. As a parent, I think time management is important. I make it a point to organise my kids' study time, at least an hour a day.

With the exams just around the corner, I'm trying to juggle my schedule timely to help them in their revision. Having said that, I want them to study in a fun and stress-free environment. That's only because I don't want to turn their minds upside down. Well, kids need fun and relaxation in between. Moreover, I need to ensure my children are eating well and sleeping well with no late nights before the exams.

So kids, no more daydreaming of your animes or cartoons for the time being. If you want a bright future, start worshipping your books. LOL!


  1. All the best with their exams...;-)

  2. Exams are stressful. Soon it'll be my turn with Raimie going to school next year. :)

  3. lina,
    yeah, most kids hate exams.

    the government has recently announced that the new curriculum will be less exam-oriented and make learning in a fun way.

  4. ah the good old days of letting someone else worry about my exam instead of me. :P

  5. ichigonad,
    exams can be sobering moments to think about but results are still calling the shots at the end of the day somehow.

  6. LR,
    Exams as it stands is suppose to be a "yard stick" to measure how much we have learned and improve on it.

    But it has been mutilated into a "yard stick" to measure how much of a human being we are in our society.

    Children do not need these kind of stupidity. Their suppose to be children.

    Learning is suppose to be fun.
    Going to school is suppose to be fun.
    Having a name calling match with your classmates is suppose to be fun.

    But all three of them are no longer available in todays Malaysian education system.

    Its a sad sad day.

    I miss my lonkang jogging days with my mates. Life was much more real then.

  7. icigonad,
    We all know that the present education system sucks. Nothing about this system is right.