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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Trip to Historical Malacca

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Since I returned from my vacation, it's been pretty much just home and work and back to everyday's routine again. Infact, the trip was timely to coincide with my sister's wedding in KL. My recent vacation was thoroughly enjoyable yet extremely exhausting. Travelling with one large suitcase and four relatively huge backpacks with my kiddos was no easy task.

Here are some highlights and snapshots from the trip to Malacca. The distance from southeast of KL to Malacca took a minimum of two hours of driving. When we reached Malacca at 11.30am, cars were already jamming every nook and corner of the city. Due to the traffic congestion, we went around visiting places on foot. A tour on foot is practically the best way to move around to appreciate the amazing facades. Some of the buildings reflected the fusion of the old and modern. It's not an ideal place for shopping paradise but great for photo-taking and learning about the historical facts and interesting cultures of Malacca. Malacca was granted the heritage status in July this year after years of waiting for recognition.

From left to right: Clock tower, art gallery, Christ church, the Stadthuys building
During the Dutch rule, the buildings were painted white. However in 1911, the buildings were painted red by the British.

The red building in the background is the Stadthuys building, which was built in 1650 as the official residence of the Dutch Governor and his officers. Infront of the building features a small bazaar selling extensive range of souvenirs.

that's my DH, me and my kiddos

There were plenty of trishaws within the vicinity touting for business. Almost all of them are decorated with colourful artificial flowers and fanciful accessories.

Other interesting landmark nearby include a water fountain that was erected by the people of Malacca in memory of Queen Victoria Regina. On it was inscription the words "Victoria Regina 1837-1901. Erected by the people of Malacca in memory of a great queen. 1904".

Another historical church in Malacca. The St Francis Xavier church built in the year 1849.

Malacca Sultanate Palace (Istana Kesultanan Melaka) is a fascinating piece of Malay architecture and is a replica of the original 15th century palace of Malacca's extinct Sultanate. The palace was built based on sketches found in the ancient Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals) using no nails.

One of the popular Melaka Landmarks... the A'Famosa at Porta de Santiago. It was built by the Portuguese in 1511 as a fortress to safeguard their settlement. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged when the Dutch invaded in 1641.

Some of the tombstones of Dutch settlers from the 1600s onwards engraving leaning against boths sides of the walls.

Skull and cross bones on the tombstones in Dutch inscriptions
In the midst of going uphill to St. Paul's Hill, it was drizzling which eventually turned into a heavy downpour. sigh.... Despite the rain, we managed to take some pictures from the inside of the chapel ruins.

The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscriptions.

Proclamation of Independence Memorial

My hubby and I agreed that there was plenty we didn’t see in Malacca due to the heavy downpour but there's always a next time. Besides, sightseeing on foot can be pretty exhausting for my kids, it must be the lack of stamina. hehe ...My hubby and I were always on the go, whereas my kids were very laidback. I guess they just want to relax on their holidays while we were constantly rushing from place to place. It seems like travelling with us was like competing in "The Amazing Race". Until next time, I suppose we would spend the night so we would not be so rushed and racing against time.

Lastly, my special thanks to all my friends, colleagues and readers that have texted, emailed, left messages and dropping ECs on this blog. I love ya'll and thanks for caring.


  1. You went to Malacca! My favourite city in Malaysia! :)

    You don't have to eat ah? How come no yummy food? hehe....

  2. Wow! You must have really enjoyed yourself! Yes, Malacca is a nice place to visit. Did you walk along Jonker Street? It's one of my favourite places to visit when I go Malacca. Oh, you didn't try the food there like chicken ball rice and satay celup?

  3. you're back! oh mybf & I went to Malacca two weeks ago! I'll post those pictures soon..:-D

  4. ECL,
    no doubt, malacca is a fascinating place to visit. there's so much history in it.

    why lah always hunting for food only? hehe....for your sake, i'll post those pics asap.

  5. foong,
    oh yes, jonker st. happens to be one of the most popular tourist hunters. unfortunately, there were many places that i didn't visit too due to heavy downpour.

    the food like chicken ball rice and satay celup are not my DH's cup of tea. it's not ez to please his taste buds.

  6. monica,
    oh, so you went to melaka too? that's cool.

  7. Ohhhhh so u went to Melaka! My MIL is from Melaka, so we go back there for CNY every year. Nice to see the familiar pics here. Happy weekend! :):):)

  8. mariuca,
    i suppose you must be familiar with most of the routes in melaka.

  9. Very nice photos of the historical monuments there. The best thing about Malacca is that everything is within walking distance, making it so easy to explore.

  10. acura,
    thanks and you're right, everything is within the vicinity, making it convenient to move around from one place to another.