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Monday, February 25, 2013

Our World - Seopjikoji Hill, Jeju Island

One of the beautiful sights I've come across in South Korea is Seopjikoji Hill,  a promontory on the coast famous for its serenity and romance in Jeju island.

Unfortunately, it was rainy and windy when we arrived but that didn't deter us from hiking up the hill. Trying to take good photos while holding my umbrella and battling ferocious winds wasn't easy for me. I ended up getting wet  but I was glad I was able to get some good shots in such circumstances.

According to my tour guide, the majestic scenery of Seopjikoji has been captured by several Korean films and dramas. There are plenty of great spots and vantage points to enjoy here and I can understand why it's so popular among the locals and tourists.

An idyllic walk along the path, one can also see the intriguing house of “All In,” the main location of the Korean mini-series. The drama was filmed here last 2003 and this chapel was said to have been swept away by a typhoon and was reconstructed later on.

Along the way, I also enjoyed the glorious views of the sea and volcanic rock formations.

Looking towards the cliff, stands a large rock overlooking the vast expanse of Seopjikoji.  According to the local folklore, the son of the Dragon King of the Sea fell in love with a nymph instantly but sadly his love was not returned.  He was overwhelmed with sorrow and tears and as a result, he was turned into stone.

At the end of the pathway is the lighthouse as far as the eyes can see. It gives you a good bird's eye view of the entire area. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get there as the rain was getting progressively heavier and showing no signs of stopping.

But before leaving the area, we paused over the seashore to enjoy the lovely views for the last time before we made our way back.

Goodbye Seopjikoji for now. I hope to come back to the areas I did not have chance to see when opportunity arises again.

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  1. It's a perfect place to walk around. The color of sky is really beautiful.

  2. I know hardly anything about Korea, so I am happy to learn from you. that really is majestic scenery. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes, delicious photos with an exquisite combination of light and color, a nice place.

  4. Very nice images of this spot which is Jeju Island! I wish you to have the opportunity to go there again, Life Ramblings!

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  7. What a lovely place, even in the rain!

  8. Wow! Beautiful place and excellent photography for OWT ^_^ thanks ^_^

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    Beautiful captures of this lovely place.Thanks for sharing.Have a great day!


  14. Gorgeous, the filming location for the TV mini-series “All In.” Did you watch it? Stars Lee Byung-hun and Song Hye-kyo.

    1. No, I haven't seen it. Not even familiar with the storyline but there are some really good Korean dramas that I've enjoyed watching.

  15. A beautiful place and your photos are wonderful! I really love the shot of the rock and your story about the rock. Thanks for sharing your tour.

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