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Saturday, June 2, 2012

PhotoHunt - Bridges, Taste

One of the best parts of Venice was wandering through all of the side streets and across the canals. And, where there are canals, you can find bridges. According to our guidebook, there are over 400 bridges and 150 canals in in the city. I guess that's the reason behind why Venice is also called the "City of Bridges."

Here are a few shots of the canals and bridges to enjoy.

The Rialto Bridge is the main pedestrian crossing over the Grand Canal. Rows of shops line each side of this magnificent bridge.

And here is a view of the famous Bridge of Sighs. The bridge was under restoration and covered with billboard advertising when we visited. Apparently, it was a bridge that prisoners would walk over just before they would be executed during Venice's heyday. As they crossed over the bridge, they would take one last look from the bridge at the view of beautiful Venice and sigh heavily as they proceed to their executions. A local legend says that lovers will get a real taste of eternal love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge Of Sighs.

We didn't kiss under the bridge but every beautiful day in Italy ends with a great taste of gelato. :)

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  1. There's no city like Venice! We were there only for one day -much too short:) Lovely bridges!!

  2. The bridges are even prettier at night - so romantic !


  3. Captured so beautifully!

    My Sky Shot, have a great weekend.

  4. The Rialto Bridge looks even more beautiful at night. The waterway under the Bridge of Sighs looks so narrow. If only those prisoners can see what the bridge has become now plastered with ads.

  5. great take on the theme, using the very sought after locale, Venice. i'm so jealous that you've seen this beautiful city and tasted its offerings.

    My Photo Hunt is here

  6. Really like that night shot. That actually may be the first night shot of a Venice bridge that I've seen! ;b

  7. ahhh, your bridges are totally captivating! i wish i could cross the Bridge of Sigh someday.
    for now, i'd settle for some gelato.:p

  8. as you say ! we both had the same idea, Venice is indeed the best source for taking bridge pictures !

  9. Stunning shots of the bridges and also a great take on the taste theme too.

  10. Great takes on both themes! The gelato looks so yummy!

  11. The first one is really beautiful.
    Of course, I love these ice creams. :D

  12. Love your photos. That night shot of the Rialto Bridge is stunning! Fun theme especially since many of us chose to show photos of my favorite city. :)


  13. I love your night photo of the Rialto Bridge. Very beautiful. I almost didn't recognize the Bridge of Sighs. And one of my all time favorite treats, Gelato. This is a wonderful collection of photos for both themes.

  14. Beautiful Venetian bridges and gelato is yum.
    Suzy Bridge

  15. What beautiful bridge shots! As for that ice cream - yum!

  16. That first bridge is gorgeous!
    Love the ice cream to, haha(:

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  17. the bridge shot...oh beautiful and that gelato..drooling hahahaha

  18. Wow! 400 bridges? Amazing! I want gelato in this hot weather!!

  19. oh, I loved the bridges of Venice...and the gelato! hazelnut

  20. Oh gelato! :)

    400 bridges? Wow! That's a lot of bridges to photograph. Exciting!

    Wonderful photographs. The stories behind the Bridge of Sigh is very interesting.