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Friday, January 11, 2013

PhotoHunt - Celebrate, The City I live in

I'm sharing some photos of the city I live in.  Penang is a beautiful city  that has so much personality and vibrant energy. Although I was born there, I've spent most of my childhood and adult years in the Klang Valley, outside of my hometown. It was only in the past 5 years that I settled down in Penang and began to discover more of what my hometown has to offer in terms of history, cultural attractions and everything else.

These recent shots were taken from Penang Hill.

It offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and sea.  Part of the city's charm is that it remains a city full of greenery, even in the midst of bustling construction.

The city you can see in the background is George Town, the capital of Penang, in the north-east corner of the island. It's only about 3 or 4 miles away from where I live.

Despite having many modern buildings and towers, there are also several fine examples of old colonial architecture on the island.

In the heart of the city, Gurney Drive is one of the popular spots where you can just stroll around on a breezy day. I enjoy going for an evening stroll when the weather is nice.

Since I live in a country that has tropical climate, coconut trees are easily seen and they are almost everywhere in the city.

Last weekend, family and friends gathered to celebrate the wedding of my two good friends, Jacklin and Alex at the Park Royal Hotel. It was a magical day and a joy filled wedding to be part of.  Jacklin and Alex, may both of you lived happily ever after.

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  1. It seems to be a big city, very nice positioned.

  2. Your city looks beautiful.
    I wish all the best for your friends.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. I hear so many good things about Penang, about the beautiful surroundings and the spectacular food and the variety of choices.

  4. So lu si Penang lang..Nice shots of lovely Penang used to lived there until got replanted to KL.

  5. tQ for the tips of 'loaning' big ear hole ears to the loan shark pix in my post, real cool. Have updated the pixz. Kamsia Happy holiday

  6. So funny... you moved to Penang, where I was born, around the time I moved from it to Hong Kong! :b

    Your photos really make it look good. Just one nitpicky comment: I think there are more betelnut trees (the state tree) planted in the city than coconut trees these days... ;b

  7. 1008 apologies sorry wrong identity got mixed up your avatar with rainfield61 and thought you posted a tips on adding big ears to the shark. Paiseh paiseh

  8. Congratulations to Jacklin and Alex!

    I like Penang, it has an old world charm, unspoilt by the constant contruction of modern buildings.

  9. LOVELY pictures of The City Where You LIVE and Celebrate!

    Mine is up for this week:

  10. Your city pictures are very beautiful ! It's interesting to see where our photo hunters live !

  11. What a wonderful Penang. I'm dreaming of staying and working here. Great way to end this post with a beautiful photo of the lovely newlyweds. Joy to see.

    Happy weekend, LR. :)

  12. Beautiful pics! I love how your city has so many open green spaces too. Congrats to your friends, such a cute pic of the cake cutting! :)

  13. Great shots of the city where you live and the newlyweds looks very happy.

  14. Wow, i have not been to Penang but certainly would love to see it too, just been to KL and suburbs. That firs photo is so spectacular and seems so very clean. Even the roof of those read buildings are similar. Thanks for letting me glimpse a bit of your area.

  15. That is a HUGE cake - it must have been a big celebration!

  16. What a beautiful city!! I love your captures for the day! And what a happy couple! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fun! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  17. Been to Penang Hill many many years ago as student. Would be good to pay Penang a visit again with my dslr with me.

  18. A beautiful and surprisingly clean city after the 2008 election.

  19. Wow, look at that wedding cake, so fancy and a happy couple cutting it. :)

  20. I miss Penang too! I was from there. In my last 2 recent posts, I mentioned the good times growing up and bad schooling years in Penang.